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The Omen

Posted on the 12 May 2013 by Alka Narula @narulaalka

Few lines on dark when I am surrounded by The Omen in me ....My satanic thoughts at times are too
strong that I find it hard to free myself from palpable feelings....
The Omen

Buried in the darkness
Only Silhouettes surrounding me
I grope in the dark
But the hollow walls are all I can feel

My satanic thoughts have become strong
They have begun to overpower me
The palpable feelings are strong
I try to move away from thee

I try to erase the memories of past
But the walls seem to have ears they can hear me
They speak to me in the dark
Ask me if I can live in emotional poverty

I nod my head in contradiction
Yet cant stop the self destructive thoughts
The omen that is in me
Who now is my guide who has begun to navigate me

My mind is too hazy I am lost
The consequences don't bother me
Like an unpredictable eccentric
I cruise on anonymous streets
Copyright ©2012alkanarula
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