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The Reining Queen

Posted on the 12 June 2012 by Alka Narula @narulaalka
The Reining Queen
You are benign , yet move in a mysterious way ,
I know you don't live in shrines nor in a holy place ,
I searched for you in silver screen that surrounds my dwelling domicile
my birth place , my living ground catering to your whims and fantasies
and embellishing your themes.
I wrote down my memoir , thought would make you go through it
when you make up your mind to hear my grievance
against my life " my life The Reining Queen"
"Downtrodden ,lifeless on my way ,on an avenue unseen
 away from world , ground in a dynasty of shattered dreams
tainted eyes , soiled , the lids down caste with layered grime
  all my  attempts were foiled , to break free from The Reining Queen
day dreamt of respite,in search of you looked at the  silver screen
 painful yet the stallion in me never died ,the inner voice
 vowed to die in bravery
than give up  in slavery of The Reining Queen "
 Your call for truce came as a pleasant surprise
like a flamboyant tree in a desert heat, away from an oasis
away from a fresh water creek.
Smothered with this beautiful deed , I lie addicted to your
 verdict , the decree
that its time for me to celebrate , a time to feast !
copy right (c)alka narula
photo credit photobucket

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