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The Science of Freedom by Michael Abraham: Freedom of Will #BookReview

Posted on the 02 March 2018 by Jaideep Khanduja @PebbleInWaters

The Science of Freedom by Michael Abraham is not an original work in English. The original version is in Hebrew. Avi Woolf is the translator of this excellent piece of work. The book, basically, is in libertarianism. It tries to ascertain if human beings have a free will or not. Taking it from the angle of philosophy, it tries to connect the subject well with science. In fact neuroscience. The book explains that it is philosophical approach with a mix of common sense that makes an answer to a question correct or wrong. Otherwise, scientifically, it is not possible to prove the correctness of a question. Now, that is quite an interesting and intriguing aspect of the picture. The book has four divisions. Part One deals with fundamental aspects of Freedom, Liberty, and Casualty. It talks about Free Will, Libertarianism, Morality, Fatalism, Determinism, and Freedom of Will.

The Science of Freedom by Michael Abraham: Freedom of Will #BookReview

Now, that might look quite boring to some. But The Science of Freedom by Michael Abraham is a very interesting work. In fact, the book has been able to cover a long-existing void between the existing literature dealing with freedom of will and recent findings of brain research. Overall, the book has 17 chapters. Each chapter consists of unique information. The book challenges the concept of free will. It, in fact, doubts its existence. The 6-point physicalist-determinist argument conclusion is, as a matter of fact, an eye opener for the whole lot of researchers working in this field. This book, in fact, is as important for the researcher to explore his knowledge in the subject, to a common man to understand the whole gamut. Of course, this is not a piece of fiction. And hence is not a light reading stuff.  It is, in fact, for serious readers.

The Science of Freedom Fills A Wide Gap Between Science And Philosophy

Overall, The Science of Freedom by Michael Abraham brings out many interesting points. The brain is a necessary and sufficient condition for the mental. But is the experience of free will an illusion? You must read the book to find it out. That is the beauty of this book.

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