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The Social Good Summit 2012 Inspired My First WIM Article

Posted on the 25 September 2012 by Technospecs

The Social Good Summit 2012 Inspired My First WIM Article

The Social Good Summit organized by Rappler and TweetupMNL was a huge success. The event was undoubtedly jam-packed, ….heck – the pre-registration was filled-up to the rim to which the organizers had to respond by saying the interested participants can try to walk-in coz we all know that some of those who registered online may not actually show up – for many valid or even “sublime” reasons.

…and for the fact that not all who have registered may be just trolls and not so sincere in attending. They just wanted to grab the reservation so if in case they actually made up their fuckin’ mind to attend, a seat is already reserved for them. The seemingly VIPs of the online world.

However, I was surprised at the actual event seeing a crowd that huge, mainly composed of a majority of the youth, with their tablets, phablets, laptops and smart phones in hand. It was a generation of social media geeks, but they are more than just online critters, their sensitized and involved, ready and willing to make a difference – using the power of the Internet and social media!

This inspired me to write an article for When In Manila where I was recently accepted as a writer. It would be my first article for the top online magazine/blog, but I had plenty of motivation and inspiration to write a “social” good one!

….and I think I really was in high spirits because my article was already receiving 135+ Likes and counting just on day one of its release!

The blog was entitled: Social Good Summit 2012: My Idols are Sensitized Social Media Geeks. Actually, my Managing Editor, Miss Mae Ilagan appended the front title for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) purposes (have to learn these technicalities).

The big man himself, Vince Golangco congratulated me on the When In Manila Writers group page in Facebook:

The Social Good Summit 2012 Inspired My First WIM Article


Later I found out, he also praised the article on the When In Manila blog post itself.

I was floating in glee! I could sing right there and then… that very minute!

…and even before him, Ms. Chinie Hidalgo Diaz, blogger of the now famous Fab After Forty, which risen to fame when her article was highlighted in the Rappler website, and then again her blog was mentioned as part of the presentation of Ms. Maria Ressa, CEO of Rappler, during the afternoon session of the Social Good Summit.

She commented on the blog itself saying “What a great recap of a truly great event. Cheers!” I was deeply honored!

The afternoon session was held at the Stephen Fuller Hall of the Asian Institute of Management – were many of the best “leaders” and “shakers” of the nation came together to share their experiences, knowledge and expertise in finding the best ways to use Social Media for social good, coinciding with the UN week and as part of the Mashable Social Good Summit series happening globally.

I was very glad I attended that event, and hoping the organizers would continue with these movements, and that other groups would also think of similar ways on how we could make useful the power of connectivity using the technologies available to us.

The Social Good Summit 2012 Inspired My First WIM Article

I thank the people  in Twitter, Facebook, etc., for their praises and nice comments. Its the best reward that I could receive after a job, I believe, well done!

Though my managing editor told me to learn the tricks of SEO, and to make it  shorter and less serious…hehehe.

I do that most of the time, if I get too involved with the topic and feel it deserves my highest attention.

Thank you and I hope I could create more great articles for When in Manila!

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