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The Weekender

Posted on the 06 February 2012 by Thesecretlifeofjen

Where does 20.45 kms get you?

The Weekender
Check out those hills!!  I am MEGA sore, now two days after that madness!  A little bit of sunburn isn’t helping with the muslce soreness.

The WeekenderThe Weekender
And check out that calorie burn(!)  Definitely a personal record.  I can definitely see that I worked for it, it was a hardcore day  ;)

After we finished the walk, we drove to a campsite, which was lovely – by the river.  Shame about the crazy huge flies though >they hurt!  Mr. J did his best to make the day/evening the most comfortable for me.  I rinsed off in the river, before a change of clothes and lots of fluids!  Most of our party of 10 drank wine/beer, but I knew better and stuck to water, and later in the evening – hot chocolate :)   My bodymedia tells me I got six hours sleep, and I am definitely experiencing some sleep debt right now.

20.45km plus my first ever camping experience – all in one weekend!

Photos coming soon  :)

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