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The Weekender

Posted on the 21 January 2013 by Thesecretlifeofjen

This weekend was a weekend of bikram yoga. Twice, I went! 8am Saturday and 4pm Sunday. It seems crazy, but I think bikram is growing on me. Originally I purchased a groupon deal, but I’m thinking bikram may become more of a permanent fixture in my routine. Not exactly sure where it will fit in the budget – what with Samba and Zumba, it would be cheaper just to get outside and run. We’ll see! ;)

I have been going strong with the no sugar. I’m pretty much 95% paleo. I haven’t been seeing a change on the scales, but I’m working on ignoring them! Fitness and health first!

Weekend eats included Sammy’s Kitchen on Saturday (was pretty disappointed and considering it was my non paleo feed with rice!). Everyone raves about Sammy’s but I wasn’t too fussed.

Gluten free bread after yoga on Sunday, with bacon and eggs. I stopped at one slice, but it was yummo!


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