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The Weekender

Posted on the 10 March 2013 by Thesecretlifeofjen

So I am pleased to share that two weekends in a row I have given the 12WBT SSS, or Super Saturday Session a good go.

But I have been finding it hard to eat out on the 12WBT program.  Last week I had a dinner date with my sister on Thursday night, then off to Sydney on Friday for Ed Sheeran, then Saturday night visiting family.

On Thursday night we went to Mecca Bah, it’s been a while since we went in 2011!  I was really impressed last time; this time, not so much.  I had a gluten free seafood tagine, which was great.  They swapped the couscous for rice.  Mr. J had a pizza, and my sister had a tagine too.  My complaints are in regard to the service – I felt as though I had to hurry to finish my meal because my sister and Mr. J finished theirs before me and the waiters cleared their plates.  So there I was as if I was eating on my own… maybe I am being too fussy :P   Plus it was freezing.

On Friday night in Sydney we didn’t have much time before Ed, so it was boring old Subway for dinner.  Not exactly the exciting weekend away that I was expecting, but hey, it was nice to be able to make a good healthy choice.  We stayed at the Mercure, so it was an easy walk to the Entertainment Centre.  Ed Sheeran, I love you even more now – such a nice guy!

Saturday morning I smashed out 10km on the hotel treadmill – 90 minutes later and I was past the point of ready for breakfast!  Due to the buffet options at the hotel, I managed to make sensible choices again — toast, boiled egg, and as a treat some bircher muesli and rhubarb.  No juice, lots of water, and some tea.

Due to the miserable weather, Mr. J and I passed on the Sydney sight seeing, and decided on a lazy trip to the Blue Mountains to my parents and Mr. Alan.  Miss the lil guy – he seemed to miss me too :P   As much as a cat can!   It was nice to chill out, before coming back to Canberra on Sunday.

We left early enough to leave me time for some 12WBT preparation – a trip to Costco and Woolies, and I was ready for the week – determined to make a better go at the nutrition side of things.

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