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The Weekender

Posted on the 21 March 2013 by Thesecretlifeofjen

I took a long weekend this past weekend.  I wish that I could do that all the time(!)  I felt I was owed one since I missed out on the Canberra Day long weekend ;)

I drove to visit my family for mum Mum’s birthday on Thursday afternoon.  It was so lovely to get there a bit earlier, even though I was feeling under the weather.  I stopped off on the way to buy my an Ella Bache gift voucher to add to my mum’s gift(s)!

On Friday I started the day with a sleep in – I had planned to get up early to smash out an early SSS (Super Saturday Session), but decided that I needed the extra sleep and set my alarm (at midnight) for 7:30am :)   Mum and I spent some time chilling together and chatting before going to the movies.  We saw Goddess - yes, it is a tad cheesy at times, but overall a fun movie.  And nice to see some Aussie actors and landmarks… Hello Guillaume, how I missed you ;)   The wedding seems so long ago already!

After the movies we did some shopping, and stopped for a coffee – it was such a lovely day!

Friday evening I decided I better knock over my SSS, otherwise I would find more excuses on Sunday.  So I hit the treadmill with the goal of beating my time the fortnight before in Sydney (10km in 90min).  So I decided to run for as long as I could, and “get it over with”.  So I ran for 4km, which is a long time for me, probably longest ever, in fact.  Then I switched between walking and running for the last 6km.  I think I got to 8km in the first hour, and the last 2km seemed to stretch on for ages.  At that point I really wanted to reach the 10km in under 75mins, but just managed it in 76minutes! Knocking a massive 14 minutes off my previous time!!

This of course has made me desperately want a treadmill at home.  I am less self-conscious in private, not worried about becoming a beetroot/tomato head (Ha!), or if I can make it home(!)  Something to talk to Mr. J about ;)   I was a little naughty and didn’t stretch properly afterward, and I was pretty stiff for the next couple of days.  Plus there was some chafing and blisters too.  Time for some new shoes I think.

And then on Saturday morning I was up early for a mini-roadtrip to Mudgee!

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