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The Weekender – Mudgee

Posted on the 22 March 2013 by Thesecretlifeofjen

I have never been to Mudgee, nor had my Mum and sister so we decided to go for my mum’s birthday / just as something fun to do together :)   This of course was before I started 12WBT – not quite sure where wine tasting fits in to the daily calorie allowance!

Anyway, I volunteered to drive, so I would taste less, and worry less about over-doing the calories.  It was a good idea in theory, but after my 10km the night before I was pretty sore!

We arrived in Mudgee at about 10:30am, and headed straight to the Farmer’s Market.  The market was definitely smaller than I expected, but nice because there is a rule about the produce being made within a certain distance of Mudgee.  We sampled some fudge, nuts, saffron Turkish Delight, jams, oil, vinegar.  Sounds like a lot, but just tiny bits here and there.  It was a great selection, with really friendly stallholders.  I walked away with some nuts, grapes, and Moroccan cooking paste.

After that we decided on breakfast on the main street somewhere.  So we wandered for a while, until we reached Arbuckles.  After my liquid shake breakfast before 7am I was famished, but went with something simple – poached eggs on toast.  It was a leisurely breakfast – nice to spend some time catching up :)

After that it was on to some wineries!  After taking a wrong turn and heading toward Gulgong, we turned around and the first stop was the High Valley Wine and Cheese Co.  I was not too impressed with the very expensive giftware, but the fetta – OMG haha!  The pesto is a must try.  I was tempted to purchase some, but was concerned about the drive home, then the drive back to Canberra the next day.  But apparently it is stocked in Canberra – in Manuka and Fyshwick, so I will have to check it out.

Next stop was a gallery, not all that impressed ;) and it was getting pretty hot, so we went in search of something cooler.  Hello Elliot Rocke – and their “ice” wine.  Apparently they make the wine with frozen grapes, I am sure there is more to it, but yeah, awesome!  We sampled the white, sparkling and rose.  The sparkling was the perfect sweetness, whereas I found the others too sweet for me – but nice for some as a dessert wine.  I purchased the sparkling, and I can’t wait for the right occasion!

The other winery worth mentioning was Pieter Van Gent – the atmosphere was fantastic.  Such a lovely place.  I purchased a bottle of the Sundance.  Love it, and love the name.

Then, it was time to head home – What a fantastic weekend!

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