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Tomorrow The Tangles Will Unravel A Superb Collection of Poems #BookReview

Posted on the 18 March 2018 by Jaideep Khanduja @PebbleInWaters

Tomorrow The Tangles Will Unravel by Chelly Abraham-Eitan is a book of excellent poetry. In fact, it is a beautiful transformation of all the sadness and distress of life into charming poetry. Mind you, it is not an easy task. The poems cover all kind of complexities of life, family, and society. You will find various flavors of life in it. Like, love, union, separation, loss, killing, death, and marital disturbances. The title is quite uplifting and motivating despite all these pains and sufferings. Thus indicating a ray of hope for its readers. It, in fact, indicates that after every dark night there is a day full of light. As a matter of fact, never bend down to the hardships of life. Because whatever is the tenure and intensity of these hardships, there is a good time to come sooner or later. That is its beauty.

Tomorrow The Tangles Will Unravel A Superb Collection of Poems #BookReview

Song of the Blackbird is a beautiful poem in Tomorrow The Tangles Will Unravel by Chelly Abraham-Eitan. It shows the mindset of a hunter that is busy in trapping free birds enjoying their freedom. It depicts how the hunter is already trapped in his thoughts of curbing the freedom of independent birds. There are around 70 catchy poems to keep your attention alive to these lively poems. Every poem has a ray of hope assuring light at the end of the dark and lonesome tunnel. After all, it is a matter of patience and faith. There are variance and versatility in these poems. These are simple, short, and heart-touching. In fact, all the poems are good enough to force the reader to introspect and think aloud. The cover design matches well with the theme of the book. It signifies the loneliness but also a hope for a better tomorrow.

The Tangles Will Definitely Unravel Is The Promise

The tangles will definitely unravel is the promise that filters through these lovely poems in this book by  Chelly Abraham-Eitan.


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