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True Blood Tuesday: Dead Meat

Posted on the 06 August 2013 by Thefriskyvirgin

True Blood Tuesday: Dead Meat
Season six, Episode eight
Eric & Bill: Eric asks Bill how long he knew this was going to happen (Nora’s death). Bill said he never saw Nora’s death and reiterated that he has no control of when or what he envisions. Our sexy Viking is pissed that Bill didn’t return with Warlow, and when Bill reveals that Sookie had Warlow hidden somewhere, Eric flips out. Eric is ANGRY and maybe just a little bit on the ragged edge. He berates Bill for being weak when it comes to Sookie, accusing him of sacrificing Nora for his precious fairy-chick. As Eric gets more and more out of control, Bill uses his mind control powers to hover him high in the air. Eric sarcastically praises Bill (“Mother I can fly! I can fly! Praise you Bill.”) Bill: “Do you want to die, like your weakling maker, Godric?” This stopped Eric cold. Bill dropped Eric to the floor and ordered him to get out of his house. Eric: “I’m already gone.”
Alcide, Rikki, Nicole, & her mom: Rikki’s a bitch. Sorry, but she is—she’s now challenging Alcide as pack master. Danielle and some tall blond were-woman second Rikki. Rikki doesn’t think he has the balls to kill her in a fight to the death. And so begins a little were-to-were battle between Al and Rikki. Al kicks her ass, but doesn’t kill her, which she just has to rub in his face.
NOTE: Really, Rikki? He could break you in two, yet you’re still taunting him? Stupid. Plus…um…shouldn’t ya be applauding Alcide’s kindness? Stupid. Can you tell I do NOT like Rikki any longer? lol
Tara, Willa, Jason, & Vampire Leader Lady: Leader Lady asks Jason what he did to get his butt tossed in Gen Pop. Jason confessed to sleeping with the governor’s girlfriend. Leader Lady thinks they could use this information to their advantage. She tells Jason she wasn’t kidding when she said he is now hers. She believes in God and the sanctity of their union—when she says he’s hers, he’s hers forever. Dang. Pushy, pushy.
Sookie & Warlow: As night falls, Sook once again ties Warlow up in fairyland and feeds him her blood (this time from her wrist with no extra benefits). She tells him about her conversation with Bill and asks for his help in saving her friends. Warlow’s not exactly keen on the idea, particularly because he believes Bill will backstab Sookie and try to kill him, despite Sookie promising to protect him by making his safety a condition of any deal with Bill. Warlow says if he agrees, he wants Sookie to be his…for eternity.
Sookie emerges from fairyland, complaining about the idea of having to commit to him for eternity (what happened to going to a movie and dating?). Meanwhile, Eric spies her suddenly appearing back in the Bon Temps graveyard. As Eric tries to find the entrance, a dark shadow is cast over fairyland.
Jessica & James: After what looks like a marathon sexy session, Jess and James are cuddling on the floor. Jess claims she could die a happy vampire now, but James disagrees—having to die after just meeting someone like her would be painful to him. He asks her how she was able to pull this whole private meeting off, but Jess wasn’t ready to tell him about Jason. Two guards storm the room and remove James and Jess.
Jessica & Pam: While Jessica is being escorted back to Gen Pop, Pam exits a room, buttoning her blouse; directly behind her is the psychiatrist, affixing his belt. Pam heads to Gen Pop with Jess. Jess asks if she had sex with the doctor. Pam confirms that she did. Jess: “How was it?” Pam: “Oozy, but productive.”
Sam & Alcide: Sam is boxing up some of Terry’s old things back at Merlotte’s and finds a picture of Arlene with the baby. Sam heads outside and finds Al waiting for him. Al left his pack and brought Nicole and her mom to Sam’s trailer. Sam thanks him and invites him to stay for some cold beers.
NOTE: SO nice to see old Alcide back! YAY! I love him again. I’m so weak.
Tara, Pam, Jessica, & Willa: Now all in Gen Pop, the doctors offer the female vampires their very own bottles of Tru Blood. Pam finds Tara across the room. Tara mouths the words, “I know.” [about the Hep V]
Steve Newlin & James: Sitting in Gen Pop (guys), Steve picks up his bottle of Tru Blood and sits down with James. After a little small talk, James stops Steve from drinking the Tru Blood.
Sam, Nicole, & Mom: After a little beer, Sam offers Nicole’s mom his bed, while Nicole takes the couch (Sam will sleep in his office). Sam and Nicole share a moment outside. When they hug, Sam strangely sniffs her hair…huh, what did he just smell???
Sookie, at home: After a shower, Sookie stares at the area of her bathroom where the scary, creepy Warlow appeared. She heads downstairs and pours herself a drink…maybe two or three…and listens to the message Jason left her from a couple episodes ago (the one telling her he’s going to make things right where Jessica is concerned. Don’t forget, he never specifically said where he was going, so Sook still has no idea her brother is at the very camp Bill needs her help to invade).
Alcide & Sam: Alcide didn’t take Sam up on his beer offer, but was hitting the hard stuff in Merlotte’s when Sam walked in. Okay, so, the scent thing…apparently, Al smelled it too and asked what Sam is going to do. I feel SO stupid right now because I can’t figure out what the hell they’re talking about!!!
Pam, Willa, Jessica, & Tara: Pam knocked on one of the morgue doors to talk with the Lead Lady, whose name we now know is Violet. She told Pam to eff off, she’s eating. Inside on the slab, Violet is feeding on Jason. Apparently, she’s going to make Jason work for everything—mainly talking about sex, here.
NOTE: I don’t know what to make of Violet. She’s clearly controlling, and there’s an air of superiority combined with traditionalism. The camp also categorized her as a #1, same as Eric and Pam, so she’s obviously mentally superior. Wonder what their plans are with her character.
Lafayette, Arlene, Adilyn, Holly, & Andy at the breakfast table: The kids are staying with Andy’s sister, Portia. Laf fixes an awesome breakfast for Arlene and tells her about the life insurance policy. Arlene asked when it was written—four days ago. Well, she now knows for sure that Terry planned his own death. Her mind starts going through every thought and feeling imaginable—from glamouring all his bad memories away to the constant listening in by the fairy kids. Naturally, Adilyn overhears this and calls out Aunt Arlene (in a sweetly innocent way). Arlene yelled at her for listening in on someone’s thoughts.
Sookie & Bill at Bill's mansion: Sookie goes to Bill’s place and asks for details on Warlow’s part in his ultimate plan. Bill says Warlow would accompany him to camp and feed the vamps his blood, so none will die in that circular room. Sookie asks about Warlow’s well-being (translation: Does Bill intend to kill him afterwards?) Bill tells her the professor hasn’t synthesized Warlow’s blood yet, so he still needs him alive.
Sookie tells Bill about Warlow’s ultimatum to her—she will have to be with him for eternity, which means Sookie becomes a vampire, etc. Bill doesn’t seem to care. To me, Sook appears not only angry, but hurt by Bill’s lack of sympathy or worry at her becoming a vampire. She cusses him out and tells him she still has to think about things—she’ll call him with her decision.
Sarah: Back at camp, Sarah heads inside and tries to act like everything is normal. One of her cohorts asks her where the governor is because they have a problem—a small group of vamps isn’t drinking the Tru Blood. She asks if her ex-husband is one of them.
Sarah & Steve: Sarah has Steve on a guinea pig wheel. Man, he is SLOW—a guinea pig could outrun him. Through threats of hitting him with lights, Steve breaks and tattles on James, confessing they know about the Hep V. As she leaves, she tells him that room wasn’t even equipped with lights. DANG you, Steve!
Adilyn & Holly’s boys: The boys drop by and invite her to go out drinking. She goes.
Steve, James, & Sarah: Steve and James are now in the circular white room. Steve is sobbing bloody tears, crying Sarah’s name.
Sam, Nicole, & her mom at Merlotte’s: Sam asks Nicole to stay, confessing he’s in love with her. She agrees, but her mom is not having any of it—she’s especially concerned about their age difference and the short amount of time they’ve known each other. Sookie shows up, asking to talk to Sam. Awkward!
Sookie & Sam: Sook and Sam head back to his office where they have quite a tender embrace. Dang. Wow. Sookie didn’t know he was seeing anyone. Sook shows Sam her fairy supernova, explaining that it can kill a vamp, but it can also make her 100% human. Sam asks why she’s telling him all of this—Sookie says she always thought maybe they’d end up together. (SAY WHAT?!) Sam doesn’t take this well (DUH)—he mentions the number of times she kept him waiting in the wings, only to go off with whatever new uber-dangerous dude showed up in her life. Sam says her timing couldn’t be worse because…Nicole is pregnant!!! OMG! THAT’s what he and Alcide could smell!!! Sookie says a rather harsh goodbye...and Sam tells her a sad goodbye once she's gone.
NOTE: WTH?! Where did this scene come from? Did anyone else feel like this was just way out of place? I mean, I get the thoughts going through Sookie’s mind right now, especially with the prospect of becoming a vampire on the horizon, but…this felt a little weird. All I can figure is that this has to do with the books.
Arlene & Terry’s family at the funeral house: Terry’s grandmother wants her grandson dressed in full military garb, along with twenty-one gun shots as part of his burial. Arlene flips! She asks if they’ve lost their minds—Terry was killed by a gunshot and they want to salute him with guns! Holly takes Arlene outside; Andy soon follows. Arlene doesn’t want to take the insurance money and tells Andy about Justin, Terry’s ex-military buddy, who she thinks shot him. Andy begs her not to make him go hunt this guy down—Holly and Andy both say Terry wanted her to have the money and she should take it. In a moment of reflection, Arlene says she wants carnations—they’re happy and she wants ‘em.
Sookie at the graveyard: Sook talks to her mother and father’s graves. She talks about how all of her bright, light memories of them are gone, having been replaced by darkness and death. Death is just a pit stop on a road that keeps on going with no end in sight. She told her parents to screw off—she won’t spend eternity resting beside them. She’d rather walk the earth as a corpse.
Sarah: The spokeswoman for the manufacturer of Tru Blood we met in the first episode of the season unexpectedly shows up, pissed as all hell. Sarah walks down to meet with her. The spokeswoman asks to meet with the governor, but Sarah (quite nervously) tells her the governor has been moved to an undisclosed location after an attack on his mansion. Pushing past Sarah, the spokeswoman sees the drugs going into her product. Sarah tries to kill her—NO JOKE, we’re talking choking, slamming her head against the wall—but she gets away. Eventually, the woman gets her heel caught in the grate above Gen Pop, the men division. Sarah jumps her and bashes her head into the grate until she starts bleeding and the vamps go crazy, one even hops up and starts drinking from her face. Sarah removes the woman’s spike heel and bashes it through her skull. Sarah: “Thank you Jesus.”
NOTE: ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! This bitch has totally lost her mind!! And, uh, if you see an area of floor that is unfriendly to heels and you have a crazy, murderous bitch chasing you…TAKE OFF YOUR DAMN HEELS—hell, use them as a form of self-defense or something! Good freaking grief!
Sookie: Back home after talking to her parents’ graves, Sookie calls Jason and leaves a message, telling him to be careful and also breaks the news of Terry to him and says she’ll save a seat for him at the funeral. The next call she makes…is to Bill, asking him to pick her up in an hour.
Eric, Holly’s boys, & Adilyn: Adilyn was about to get busy with one of the brothers while the other one was passed out. Eric, however, finds them. He glamours both of the boys (never saw Eric, never saw Adilyn). Adilyn runs away, but Eric catches up to her and bites her neck.
Sookie: Dressed in black, Sookie puts the finishing touches on her hair, and then stares at herself in the mirror, resigned.
Violet, Jason, Pam, Tara, Jessica, & Willa: Violet is ordered to drink the Tru Blood, even though she has Jason. As she goes to receive a bottle, she overhears Tara mention Jason’s name, but hears nothing more (Tara basically said that if Violet drinks the blood, their Jason problem is done). The man who instructed Violet to drink realizes they know about Hep V.
Soon, they’re all brought into the circular room with James and Steve. Jessica tells them they’re all going to burn.
Andy & Adilyn: Adilyn is running down the street, her neck bleeding. Andy finds her and hugs her as she apologizes profusely.
Sookie & Bill: Bill and Sookie arrive at the graveyard. She transports him to fairyland…and finds Warlow passed out, his neck bitten.
Eric has been there.
Thoughts & Highlights:
-Alcide is seemingly already back to the Al we love, so why go to the trouble of making him so unlikable in the first place? And if it had something to do with the Nicole story…
-…I don’t get it. Like I said, I like Nicole and all, but I’m SO not understanding why we even have this story, and now she’s pregnant. It almost feels like a spin-off show during the weres and shifter scenes for some strange reason.
-Eric. So, I guess he is derailing after Nora’s death. I was kind of hoping he would join Bill and they would go all badass together and take down the camp & Sarah. But, at least for now, it looks like Eric is going rogue. 
-Arlene, Andy, and Holly are just AMAZING this season. They are like little rays of sunshine, even in the most serious of storylines. Love them!
Scene of the night: I know a lot of people will say Sarah’s fight with the spokeswoman, so I’m going to give it to…Arlene’s scenes at the funeral home (and outside when she asks for the carnations).
Line of the night: Pam: “Oozy, but productive.”

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