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True Blood Tuesday: Death Watch

Posted on the 31 July 2013 by Thefriskyvirgin

True Blood Tuesday: Death Watch
Season six, Episode seven
Eric, Nora, Willa: Still trying to escape the camp, Eric has to leave Willa behind to protect Pam (and likely Tara and Jessica) from the tainted Tru Blood. Willa was IMPRESSIVE—she had no qualms about staying behind to help her new vamp family. Promising to return for her, Eric zipped and zoomed through the facility with Nora in his arms. Meanwhile, one of the guards discovers the dead doctor and guard (who is still alive, but apparently left a little loopy). Eventually, Eric attaches himself and Nora to the underside of a truck leaving the camp.
Willa & Pam: Slipping on the white doctor’s jacket Nora had on, Willa finds Pam’s cell. Pam is practicing a little yoga when Willa shows up. Willa is surprised to find Pam unchained; Pam tells her she has a “fan” in the psychiatric department. Willa shows some guts when talking to Pam—she tells her about the Hep-V Tru Blood. Pam asks who else is in the know; Willa says only the two of them. Pam instructs her to tell Jess and Tara, but no one else. If too many vamps refuse to drink the blood, the campbaddies will know they’re onto them. Willa offers to get Pam out of there, showing her the severed arm. Pam: “Severed arm. Not bad, but too obvious.” Pam tells her to get back to Gen Pop before they know she’s missing. Willa just might’ve gained a little respect from Pam.
Eric, Nora, & Bill at Bill’s mansion: Eric brings Nora to Bill, asking for his help. Eric tells Bill to give her his blood, but Nora doesn’t want Lilith’s blood in her veins. Bill can’t help b/c it’s Nora’s dying wish.
Sarah at Governor’s mansion: Sarah’s driving up to the mansion and immediately notices there are no guards and an open front door. She makes her way through to the backyard and finds the dead guards and the Governor’s severed head on his statue. Crying, she becomes more resolved than ever to take down the “monsters.”
Sarah calls the Senator in. She needs him to help keep the governor’s death a secret (via the men he keeps on his payroll to clean up his seedy messes). Apparently, she doesn’t want the lieutenant governor anywhere near the office (maybe he’s a sympathetic?). The Senator agrees and has his man make the call to get rid of the governor’s body.
NOTE: I’m so ready for Sarah to get what she deserves.
Sookie & Warlow: Sookie and Warlow were lying together, just talking. She chided him a little about his old-fashioned terminology where her sexual freedom is concerned. She also made sure he knew that having sex didn’t mean she was agreeing to marry him. Suddenly, Sookie starts hearing a crying woman in the graveyard in Bon Temps. It’s Arlene, sobbing beside a plot of land.
Sookie & Arlene: After getting dressed and using her fairy light to transport her back to Bon Temps, Sookie finds Arlene curled up in a ball next to Terry’s soon-to-be grave. Between tears, Arlene explains Terry’s death to Sookie (from the glamouring to the shooting). Naturally, Sookie is confused as to who murdered Terry and why. Sookie says she will be there for Arlene—it was a sweet, sad moment.
Sam, Lafayette, & Nicole: Sam calls home to check on Laf, make sure he’s safe from the pack. Laf tells Sam about Terry. Sam realizes he must return to Bon Temps, despite the danger, so he tells Nicole to call her mom to pick her up. He doesn’t want her in jeopardy. Nicole seems a little dismayed at letting him go back alone.
Arlene, Sookie, Holly, Andy, & Lafayette: Arlene returns to Bellefleur mansion with Sookie; Holly greets them outside, saying Arlene’s kids are okay, but they miss their mama. Upon entering the living room, Arlene unleashes on Laf (not cool. Poor Laf), blaming him for his cryptic message and yells about the box (the one Terry wanted Laf to have the key to). Andy offers to help Arlene break the news to the kids; when they leave the room, Sookie asks about this box, but Laf has no clue and, frankly, doesn’t want to know. Holly suggests they have a look before Arlene.
Jessica & Jason: The guards bring Jess to see Jason in a conference room. He says he’s there to help, promising to get her out. Jess says he doesn’t have to. Jason: “You don’t have that Stockholder’s Syndrome, do you?” LOL Jason admits to witnessing what they tried to make her do with James—it made him sick. Jessica is resigned to dying at the camp. She tells him to just go on being the sweet, wonderful man that he is. She does ask for one favor: bring James to her.
Sam & Nicole: Sam’s in the shower. Nicole decides to join him. Is it simply final farewell fling…or something more???
Sookie & Lafayette: Sook and Laf open the safety deposit box and find a hefty life insurance policy for Arlene. They then realized he planned his death. As Sookie said, “When is ever leaving your family a good thing?”
Alcide & Pops (Jackson, but I like calling him Pops): Al drops Pops off at his old place. Pops tells his son he doesn’t have to go—that pack life isn’t for them…and one day, Al will realize it.
Nicole & Sam: Nicole’s mom arrives at the motel to pick her up. Her mom thanks Sam for looking after her daughter. Nicole gives Sam her home number and bids him farewell. It’s obvious she cares for him.
Jessica, Jason, & James: Jason comes through and delivers James to a conference room for Jessica. Jess asks Jason if he could give them a little privacy (he begrudgingly does so). Jess talks about her struggle with whether their kind can be good—seeing what James did for her showed her that they can be. He simply said he made a choice—he believes vampires can choose to forfeit their souls. She asked what they did to him for disobeying their orders—he shows her his fangs—one of them is broken off. Jess warns him about the Hep-V-tainted Tru Blood. He asks if she has ANY good news at all. Grinning, Jess says, “Nope.” They spoke a little about immortality; what they would do if they could…she then really wants him to make love to her (WHAT? Jess? Is that you? Jason is RIGHT OUTSIDE THE DOOR!). James—after making sure it’s what she wanted—obliges in true vampire fashion (the romantic kind, not the uber-fast kind).
NOTE: Um. Issue: So, Jason, Jessica’s ex-boyfriend, shows up and vows to rescue her; she asks him—as a favor—to bring James the vampire to her; asks Jason to give them some privacy; and then proceeds to have sex with the guy while Jason is standing right outside. Now, I’m thinking that’s not exactly the best way to thank your ex for his help. I dunno—the whole thing felt a little un-Jessica to me.
Bill, Eric, & Nora: Bill tells Eric about his vision of vamps dying at the camp (including Eric, Pam, Jess, Tara) and informs him about the existence of a fae-vampire, Warlow, with the power to walk in the daylight. Bill says they need to take Warlow to the camp together. Eric pledges his allegiance to Bill…IF he gives Nora his blood. After feeding Nora a good amount of blood, nothing happens. Eric believes Warlow’s blood could heal her, but Nora knows otherwise. Though Eric believes Bill is off to get Warlow’s blood, Nora and Bill share a subtle, but knowing goodbye.
Sookie, Lafayette, Andy, Adilyn, Holly, & Arlene…and Bill: Sook and Laf return to the mansion with Terry’s life insurance policy…but Andy warns them this is not the time for any news because Arlene is off her butt drunk. Laf offers to brew a little something to help take ALL the pain away.
Soon, Sookie hears Adilyn thinking—they become acquainted via fairy mind-talking.
Bill shows up to pay his respects…in the middle of the day. Sookie is floored; Lafayette is HILARIOUS; and Arlene started laughing at first, thinking she was hallucinating. When she realizes it’s real, her reaction is PRICELESS—seriously, I can’t even describe it; she was adorable, though.
Bill also pays his respects to Andy for the loss of his daughters—their encounter is brief and incredibly strained. Though Bill offers his hand, Andy is reluctant to shake it…until Holly subtly gestures for him to go ahead (imagine keeping the peace is the best move right now).
Sookie and Bill have a word in private. Once again, Bill speaks of the urgency for her cooperation in getting Warlow’s blood. It’s the only way to save Jess, Tara, Pam, & Eric because as they speak, they’re lying-in-wait in a death camp. He tells her that Eric has been there, that he escaped. If she refuses to help, there will be blood on both of their hands. Bill: “Bring me Warlow…and soon.”
NOTE: First Sookie, and now Arlene—what is it about being drunk on this show that totally makes you love the character even more?
Pam & Doc: Pam shows up for another session. He totally has a thing for her…and she knows it. Resting provocatively upon his couch, she teases and toys with him, talking in code with a heavy sexual undertone. Pam: “So you want inside…my head?” Doc: “Very much, yes.” Pam: “How deep do you wanna go?” Doc: “Deep.” She makes a trade—he gets laid, she gets inside to see Tara, Willa, Jess, and the rest of group #2 and #3 (Gen Pop).
Sarah & Jason: Sarah tells Jason the governor’s dead—meaning all the leverage he had is now gone. So, she has her guards cut Jason’s arm in a bad way and toss him into Gen Pop with the female vamps, including Tara and that bossy vamp bitch, who then claims him for herself.
NOTE: Who the hell is this bossy vamp?! And why do all the other vamps bow down to her (except Tara)?
Alcide, Rikki, & the pack: Al returns to his pack and lies about offing Nicole and Sam. Rikki steps forward and calls him on his lies. She has a couple of her weres bring forward Nicole and her mother, bound and gagged. You hear some weres in the background calling Al a liar.
NOTE: Al is in trouble. Have I mentioned how much I loathe Rikki this season?
Eric & Nora: Nora is dying as Eric prays to Godric to give her one more chance, like he did before. She says it was Eric who gave her that chance. Eric flashes back to his days serving a king in England. The king mentions he looks pale; Eric says because of the plague, there is a shortage of food. The king speaks of his lover who is tending to the sick. The king needs her in his bed. If Eric can bring her back to him, he will give him all the food he could want. Eric finds Nora, already sick and dying—there is something about her…she has courage. Nora sees a look of destiny in Eric. Eric offers to take Nora to his “father” (Godric), saying he can heal her. Nora only wanted a full life.
Back to present: Nora: “And so we end as we began.” Eric is in tears. Nora assures him that Pam and Willa will be there to comfort him—he saw in them what he once saw in her. Crying, Eric says he promised her forever; but she reminds him she only ever wanted to live fully, and he gave her that.
Nora started choking and her eyes closed; Eric, crying, holds her in his arms. Nora’s body starts cracking; he sobbed, begging her not to leave, but it was all for not—her body disintegrated into a bloody mess in his arms. With a silent rage taking over, Eric sees Bill standing in the doorway.
NOTE: Seriously, I was totally teary-eyed at this scene! I found it truly moving. Eric broke my heart. Pretty sure revenge is on the menu, folks. Would you want to be on the bad side of an enraged, heartbroken Eric? Yeah, neither would I.
Thoughts & Highlights:
-Okay, I know a lot of people didn’t like Nora, but I did, especially her interactions/reactions with Eric and Sookie.
-Sarah. Who do we think sends Sarah to meet her maker? Eric, Bill, Jason, Pam? Eric had the big kill last season with Russell, so I’m guessing it wouldn’t be him, but who knows.
-Willa has seriously grown on me. I wasn’t too sure about her in the beginning, but I totally think she is living up to what Eric would want in a progeny.
Scene of the night: Eric holding his dying sister in his arms, sobbing.
Line of the night: Jason: “You don’t have that Stockholder’s Syndrome, do you?”

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