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True Blood Tuesday: Radioactive, Season Six Finale!!! MAJOR SPOILERS!

Posted on the 20 August 2013 by Thefriskyvirgin
True Blood Tuesday: Radioactive, Season Six Finale!!! MAJOR SPOILERS!
Season six, Episode ten….SEASON FINALE!!! DO NOT READ if you haven’t watched the show and/or don’t want to be spoiled.
Sookie & Alcide: It’s after the funeral; the crowd has cleared out, apart from Sookie and Alcide. Al approaches her while she’s zoning out, watching the gravediggers bury Terry. Sook wants to take a little walk and asks Al to join her. Al says he sometimes wishes he could be a telepath to see what she’s thinking. Sook: “Believe me, my head is the last place you’d want to be.” Alcide: “That ain’t true.” Al starts sniffing something in the air…vamps. Al and Sook see Jess, Tara, Bill, Pam, Jason, Violet, etc. still pretty high on Bill’s blood heading for Bill’s mansion. Most of them start doing random things in the front yard—some start having sex, others feed on a willing Ginger, etc. Bill, however, looks disturbed and heads inside. Sookie decides to go over there against Al’s warnings. She says she’s a survivor, too and she’ll be okay. Al is none too thrilled.
Sookie & partying vamps: The vamps are dancing around to some old music, having sex, burning their camp jumpsuits. Violet is feeding on Jason—he wants to have sex, but she’s not ready yet. Instead, Violet offers him her blood; he hesitates, but she yells at him to take it. About then is when Sook arrives, calling his name. Well, Violet freaks the hell out, not believing Sook’s his sister, despite Jason repeatedly saying so. Finally she believes Sook and Jason and kisses Sook (like, full on the lips), saying she is now her sister, too.
Pam and Tara whiz up to Sook and hug her (yes, even Pam). Bill watches from inside, looking distraught as Sook leaves.
Sookie & Warlow, back in fairyland: Warlow is busy putting together an alter of sorts, a maypole. According to Warlow, when night falls, they each take a vine, circle the maypole, and once fully entangled, they use their light to render the one closed circle into two (it’s a pendant he wears). Sookie isn’t ready to marry—her friends are safe and he’s no longer in danger. A life of eternity together should be based on more than a bargain. She asks him to date her—to get to know her friends, etc.
SON OF A FREAKING BLEEP…Warlow just hit the hell out of Sookie, grabbed her by the neck, and said, “Who the hell do you think you’re talking to?”
Jess, James, Jason, & Violet: Playing volleyball. Violet is jealous of the connection Jess and Jason have, so she serves one heck of a ball that slams into Jessica’s shoulder, knocking her on her butt. Violet says, “Oh, sorry, out of practice.” Uh, a little possessive, are we, Vi?
Pam & Tara: Pam is sulking by a tree. Tara approaches her, and Pam essentially confirms she’s going after Eric. Pam asks if Willa has realized Eric’s gone yet. Tara doesn’t think she has. Tara gives her hell for wanting to go after Eric. Pam doesn’t want to release Tara, but she will if she pushes her. Pam tells her to take care of Willa…and up, up, and away goes Pam—Tara is pretty angry.
Bill & Jess: As Jess runs into the room, Bill finds he can’t freeze things midair any longer. It appears he has lost his Billith powers. He’s just Bill again—it isn’t a bad thing…except he can’t save Sookie. Bill is finally realizing he sacrificed Sookie in exchange for Warlow’s blood. He fears for her, knowing he can’t save her, he can’t make up for the pain he caused her. He confesses that Sookie is to be made vampire and there’s nothing he can do. Jess: “Bill Compton would have walked through fire to save her life.”
Note: OMG, I’m getting all teary, remembering Bill and Sookie from the very first season.
Jason, Bill, Violet, & Jess: They tell Violet and Jason everything (Jason isn’t happy with Bill AT ALL). The only way to get into fairyland is to get Andy’s last remaining daughter and use her light to gain entrance.
Bill & Professor: Bill releases the prof he had been holding in his mansion. He glamours him to not remember anything or anyone—he leaves him a bag at his feet, hoping it will help him and his family. Inside the bag is LOADS of money.
Jason, Violet, Andy, Holly, & Adilyn at Bellefleur manor: Jason pleads for Adilyn’s help, though Andy is staunchly against it. Adilyn overhears his thoughts and knows he’s not b.s.’ing her. Violet assures Andy she isn’t into fae; only Jason. He explains that he needs her light to help get on their plane. Adilyn needs to do this, since she couldn’t save her sisters. Andy reluctantly agrees, but only if he can go…and go in heavy. They get all kinds of anti-vamps weapons together before leaving.
OOOOH, this is getting MAJOR! The buildup is intense…
Warlow & Sookie: He has now tied her to the maypole and used his light to secure her to the vines. The void he needs to fill is not something Sookie can fill, as she tells him; Warlow, however, is convinced she is the one who can fill it. She threatens to throw her ball of light away because he doesn’t want a vampire bride—he wants a fairy-vampire bride. Zooming up to her, Warlow swiftly ties BOTH of her hands above her head and seals it with his light. He says it turns out he does just want to eff her, own her, and use her for her blood. Sook calls him an effing monster. Warlow smiles—night has fallen—he bites her neck.
Bill, Andy, Jason, Adilyn, & Violet: Adilyn communicates with Sookie in fairyland—Sook says, “Please, I don’t want to be a vampire.” Outside of fairyland in the Bon Temps graveyard, Bill & Co. are trying to get Adilyn to use her fairy light, but she’s struggling. Bill tries encouraging her. He tells everyone to join hands…nothing. OMG, HURRY UP! Bill says scaring usually unlocks their extra talent, but he clearly doesn't want to scare her. Violet: “Why didn’t you just say so? Harness your EFFING POWER!” She scares the holy crap out of Adilyn, who lights up immediately. They all join together and are transported to fairyland.
When they arrive, Bill sees the alter/maypole shaking and knows Warlow has started to turn Sookie. He tells the others to take care of Sookie…he’s going after Warlow.
Bill zips over, slams into Warlow, and pushes him off of her. He sees Sook being cradled by Violet. Bill shoves Warlow against a stake-like thing, but it misses his heart. Bill tells the others to take Sookie and leave him to fight Warlow.
Andy, Jason, Violet, Sookie, Adilyn back in Bon Temps, roaring up to Sook's house in Andy's car: Jason, carrying an unconscious Sookie into her house invites Violet inside. He carries her upstairs, puts her on the bed, and Violet feeds Sook her blood.
Warlow & Bill in fairyland: Warlow removes himself from the stake-thing and starts to glow—Bill grabs his leg and transports with him. Once back in Bon Temps, Warlow zips off for Sookie’s house, leaving Bill in the graveyard.
Andy & Warlow: Andy screams to Jason that Warlow is coming. A body crashes into Sookie’s window; smiling, Andy then says he got him! OH NO YOU DIDN’T! Warlow is standing behind Andy—he carries him into the house and drops him on the floor.
Violet & Jason: Jason and Violet confront Warlow just inside the house. But neither of them are any match for Warlow, who knocks Violet unconscious. Warlow glamours Jason and asks him where to lock him up. Jason and Andy get tossed into the cubby with Adiyln. Adilyn is using her light to try and unlock the door (Warlow sealed it with his light).
Bill & Warlow: Bill arrives with a stake, but the shield keeping him from entering her house prevents him from attacking Warlow (b/c she rescinded his invitation, he can’t get into Sookie’s house). Warlow taunts him before sending him flying into the driveway with his fairy light.
Warlow & Sookie: OH OH OH—Sookie’s not in her bed!!!!!!!! She’s in her bathroom, trying to harness her ball of light. Warlow finds her…and GRANDPA STACKHOUSE partially breaks through that portal in her bathroom, grabs Warlow, and…JASON SHOWS UP AND STAKES HIM! Warlow explodes in a ball of icky ooze. Sookie and Jason help their grandpa escape that other world.
When he explodes, Bill, Jess, James all sort of glow and shimmer.
Cut to…
A NAKED ERIC in Sweden, stretched out on a chaise lounge in the sun amongst snow-covered hills, reading a book. As soon as he glows…OH NO OH NO OH NO…he bursts into flames!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! END OF SCENE!!!
NOTE: I think it’s imperative to note that this was a full frontal scene of Eric Northman. Like I said…I think it’s an important detail, you know, to the story and all.
We start with a news program talking about Hep-V (which is growing everyday and mutating). The anchor talks about And God Bled, which is a best seller, penned by Bill Compton. Bill basically wrote a book about his entire experience as Billith (a god), even admitting to murdering the governor.
Sookie is watching his interview from her couch at home (she has a warm, caring…maybe longing…look on her face). Alcide walks into her living room, half-naked (WOW). Awwww….Al and Sook are together. He throws her over his shoulder and carries her to bed.
Jason & Violet in his basement, which is all decked out in her style: With Bill’s voice in the background (he wrote the book to establish trust and to come all the way out of the coffin), Jason is, uh, taking the downtown route on Violet. Once Violet is all happy, we find out that Jason has been doing exactly this for 178 nights in a row, sometimes multiple times a night…and she hasn’t once gone all the way with him or otherwise touched him in his nether regions. She simply says she wasn’t going to make it easy…it will happen in due time.
Sookie, Alcide, Sam, Andy, Jason at church: Sam and Andy are having a semi-heated argument in front of the church. Andy says he and his daughter won’t be showing up tonight. Sam says Bon Temps is on its own. They don’t trust the government. Inside the church, they’re all getting their blood tested.  Jason tells Sook that they’re checking to see if they’re “carriers.” Sookie’s blood was taken.
Reverend Daniels (married to Tara’s mom) gets up and talks about togetherness. Reverend Daniels and the other reverend have combined their congregations this day. Reverend Daniels doesn’t see too much togetherness. He shifts the churchgoers and makes them switch seats & greet someone new. Sookie meets a little girl; as the rev. talks about vampires looking to feed, Sook asks if the little girl is okay, to which she says she is all right. He talks about sick (Hep V infected) and hungry bands of vampires on the march wiping out small towns like theirs. He hands the crowd over to Sam…
Sam, now the MAYOR of Bon Temps talks: He explains that the blood tests are for Hep V. Infected vampires aren’t as strong as healthy uninfected vampires. Bill and Sam have apparently been working together to figure out a way to save their town and the humans against the uber-hungry, infected vampires. Bellefleur’s Bar & Grill (what was once Merlotte’s now belongs to Arlene) is sponsoring a social with free food, drinks, and music. The catch? For everybody’s safety, Sam asks that single, uninfected adults in this room agree to a monogamous feeding relationship with a healthy vampire in exchange for that vamp’s protection for them and their children. Some churchgoers walk out in disgust. Every human needs a vamp; every vamp needs a human. Sam hopes to see everyone at the social…if he doesn’t—God be with them.
James (now a singer in a band), Jess, a heavily pregnant Nicole, Sam, Sookie, Alcide, Jason, Violet, Tara, Willa, etc. at Bellefleur’s Bar & Grill: They’re all enjoying James’ music. Jess looks around—something’s bothering her. Sookie and Alcide share their blood test results—both are negative.
Tara’s mom asks to talk. Willa introduces herself to Tara’s mom; Tara’s mom implores Willa to ask Tara to talk to her.
Tara & her mom: Her mom, crying, begs for Tara’s forgiveness, apologizing for every little thing she did wrong as a mother. Tara’s mom then wants to make it right…by offering her neck to feed her daughter. At first, Tara can’t do it. But as her mama begs to nourish her baby girl, Tara bites her neck.
NOTE: Okay. I want to believe her mom is trying to be nice but…what if she’s really infected with Hep-V? What if she believes ‘saving’ or ‘helping’ her daughter includes ending her life as a vampire??
Andy & Adilyn at Bellefleur manor: There’s a knock on the door. Andy grabs his gun. It’s Jess. Opening the door, Andy immediately points his gun at Jess. Jess is just there to offer them protection—she wants to offer them peace of mind that they’ll be safe. And she’s not asking for their blood. She gives him her word. Andy: “What if I don’t want it?” Jess: “You’ve got it anyway.” Andy wants to shoot her, but ultimately can’t. Jess walks away—I’m not sure what that concerned, worried face means, but I guess, ultimately, that means Andy and Adilyn have Jessica’s protection. It almost seemed like she was standing guard in front of the house in her last scene.
Sookie, Alcide, & Bill: As Sook and Al walk to his car, Bill shows up, asking for a moment alone with her. Al: “No effing way.” Bill wants to know if Sook has made any arrangements to be with a vampire. When Sookie says she hasn’t, Bill offers her his protection. He says she needs security. Al: “She has me.” Bill: “You’re not good enough.” Al growls and his eyes turn yellow. Bill: “You can growl all you want, bright eyes, but it doesn’t change the truth.” OMG, AWESOME line. Bill says he has changed. Sookie tells him that even at his best, she couldn’t fully trust him. She then says she’ll take her chances (with Alcide).
Bill and Alcide both smell something. From the woods, we see a small group of blood-covered, Hep-V-infected vampires heading their way…a group that grows and grows and grows. As the camera angle pans up, we see a growing hoard of hungry vampires heading for Bellefleur’s Bar & Grille…and all of the happy, BBQ-goers.
END OF SEASON! Talk about a cliffhanger!!!
Thoughts & Highlights:
-Personally, this finale had it all, including a kick-ass cliffhanger.
-The old Bill is BACK. Just like Alcide, I’m happy to have him back to his old self.
-I was also happy to see a Sookie/Alcide pairing, although I would’ve liked more time to see them develop into a couple.
-Still feel like Sookie has feelings for Bill…feelings she is fighting. Maybe it’s because they are married off-screen, but they have far too much chemistry to not be together.
-ERIC. So help me if they let Eric die. I wouldn’t handle that well at all. True Blood without Eric isn’t True Blood at all. Question is, could Pam get there in time to maybe bury him beneath the snow (I’m thinking the snow would be a good thing if you’re, you know, combusting) before she bursts into flames??
-Sarah Newlin. Well, I’m guessing we’ll be saying, “She’s ba-ack” at some point. There still needs to be closure with that witch. In fact, I think this would be my only gripe on the season—that we didn’t get to see her get what she deserves.
-I had this Walking Dead-like impression when the hoard of infected vamps began approaching Bellefleur’s Bar and Grill. It’s interesting—maybe the infected vamps are a play on zombies, only they’re more dangerous because they can actually think.
Scene of the night: Oh, wow, I dunno. SO MANY. Saving Sookie, Eric’s, um, scene…the ending…I have to say, I can’t pick. There were too many in this episode. Dang, that makes me happy to say! :)
Line of the night: Bill to Alcide: “You can growl all you want, bright eyes, but it doesn’t change the truth.”

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