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True Blood Tuesday: Life Matters

Posted on the 13 August 2013 by Thefriskyvirgin

True Blood Tuesday: Life Matters
Season six, Episode nine
Sookie, Warlow, & Bill in fairyland: Sookie pulls an unconscious Warlow into her arms, asking him to come back to her. Bill says he needs what little blood Warlow has to save Jess and the other vampires. Sook tells him Warlow is too weak to be moved and could die if they try. Bill really could care less. Sook then bites into her own arm; Bill’s fangs pop out when he smells her blood, much to Sookie’s disgust (“Seriously? I’m gnawing at my own arm and you’re going to drop fang on me?”). Sook begins feeding Warlow her blood. As soon as he responds to her blood, Bill grabs Warlow’s neck, ready to take him to the camp. Completely annoyed, Sookie sarcastically informs Bill that Eric has more of Warlow’s blood coursing through him than Warlow does—go grab him and use his blood. With a firm hold of Warlow’s neck, Bill demands he tell him how to get out of there or Sookie dies. Wow. Even Sookie flinched at his words. Warlow refuses to show him how and tells Sookie to use her light. At first, she’s not convinced it will work, but Warlow assures her it will, and…it does, and Bill flies out of fairyland and into the Bon Temps graveyard.
Eric (it’s now daytime): Our sexy Viking arrives at the camp, flashes his fangs, and zips off.
Arlene at the funeral: Arlene arrives at Terry’s funeral and is greeted by Tara’s mom and the minister. She thanks him for coming on such short notice; Tara’s mom awkwardly says they wouldn’t miss it for the whole world.
Sookie & Warlow, still in fairyland: Warlow is feeling better. Before she leaves, he heals the bite she made on her arm for him to feed from. He knows she promised herself to him and she intends to honor her promise. After making certain he is okay, Sookie leaves fairyland for the funeral.
Arlene & Sookie at the funeral: Arlene continues to greet guests, including Andy, Sam, Nicole, Sookie, and Holly, among others. Terry’s grandmother loudly calls Sook a weirdo. Sookie sits next to Hoyt’s mother—Hoyt’s doing well and has a new girlfriend, who she is very happy is not a bloodsucking redhead. Our gentle giant, Alcide, shows up (looking HOT. Is that bad to think during a funeral?), and wants to sit with Sookie, but she told him she was saving the seat for Jason. Alcide turns to stand elsewhere; Sookie thanks him for coming.
NOTE: God, I cannot tell you how happy I am that Alcide is BACK. Sigh.
Bill at the camp: Bill sees the carnage Eric has left in his wake—lots and lots of severed body parts scattered all over the place.
Eric in the halls of the camp: Carrying severed arms, Eric uses them to open one door after another. He finally finds the main doctor dude responsible for supplying the Hep V & injecting Nora…OMG…and rips off his penis. Eric says he’ll return to make sure he bleeds out. Eric zooms into male Gen Pop and frees all the vamps; one young male vamp stays behind because his maker is on a slab. Eric opens the door and pulls out the slab—the guy’s maker is dying from the Hep V. Eric apologizes, closes the door, and tells the guy his maker is going to die a horrible death and it’s up to him whether or not he chooses to stay and watch.
Bill: Bill stumbled upon the dying doc who had his manhood removed by Eric. Bill asked for the identity of the vampire who did that to him; he confirms it was Eric, and then begs to be killed. Bill asks if he ever had any interaction with Jessica…and if he harmed her in any way. The doctor nods and says yes. Bill then happily stomped on the doc’s face, flattening it and his brain into a bloody mess.
Andy’s eulogy: Andy spoke of the weight Terry carried with him after returning from service. Flashback: Andy is remembering visiting a distraught and distant Terry at FortBellefleur. Terry calls out to Andy, asking for “Raging Bitch” beer, the only kind of beer the American soldiers enjoyed while overseas. Terry, dressed in camouflage, finally appears before Andy, telling him he has no idea what he did for their country. Andy tried to bring Terry back home with the possibility of reuniting him with a woman he must have liked (but when Andy admitted she now had kids, Terry ran around to hide behind a bush, yelling that he can’t be around kids) and getting him a job. Nothing worked.
Bill at the camp: Working his way through the halls, Bill sees both male and female Gen Pop members torturing the humans in the same ways they did to the vampires (making them run on wheels, pulling out their teeth, etc). He asked a passing vampire about Eric, but no one knows where he went.
Eric & Jason: Eric finally finds the Gen Pop room where Jess, Pam, Tara, and Willa were held. After releasing the vamps, he finds Jason lying on a bench, weak with bite marks all over him. Once Violet was taken to the white circular room, the other female vamps turned to him for blood. Jason tells Eric they took their friends away. Eric recalls Jason’s anger and prejudice towards the vamps the last time they saw each other. Jason admitted he said some pretty hateful things. Eric feeds Jason his blood so he is strong enough to lead him through the maze that is the camp. Eric: “When you dream of me, dream of nice things.”
Jason now completely healed leads Eric through the halls and past some dead doctors and guards. Once they’ve left, Sarah Newlin pops up from beneath some of the dead bodies and runs away in the opposite direction.
Sam’s eulogy: Sam mentions his worry about giving Terry a job at Andy’s request, but also remembers him as the most loyal friend he ever had. Flashback: Sam joins Andy at campBellefleur with some ‘Raging Bitch’ beer in-hand. Sam says the beer is damn good. Terry emerges for the beer and they all go fishing. During their fishing fun, Sam tries to subtly offer Terry a job at Merlotte’s, but Terry nearly screws it up with some less than ideal comments. Andy blurts that Sam is trying to offer him a job. Terry catches a catfish, but upon looking into the little critter’s face, he zones out and eventually tells Andy to toss him back in the water. Terry breaks down and cries, saying, “What if it [the job] don’t work out.” Sam: “It will.” Terry laments over spilling his beer. Sam calmly and kindly just gets him another one. Terry: “I like ya, Sam.” Sam: “I like you, too.” In that moment, Terry saw how Sam accepted him, even in a weak moment. It was a really endearing male-bonding moment.
Eric, Jason, & psychiatrist: Eric finds the room with the doc who boinked Pam. Eric reminds the good doc that he failed to ask one important question: how will he [the doc] die? The doc doesn’t care how he dies b/c he’ll die a happy man. Eric is intrigued to know his reason. Smiling like a stupid fool, he told Eric he effed Pam. Eric DOES NOT take this well, but remains calm. Jason laughs: “Aw, you did not just go there. That’s gonna cost you, doc.” Eric swiftly removed the protective contact lenses from the doc’s eyes and asked him if it was true—he confirmed that Pam said she was a prostitute back in the day and they made a trade. Eric lifts him by the collar and hauls him from the room. The doc is shocked Eric didn’t go ahead and kill him. Eric says he’s going to let Pam have that pleasure—that she’s earned that right and then called him a disgusting cretin. Oh, the look of horror on the doc’s face!!!
Lafayette’s eulogy: Laf recalls the first day on the job with Terry at Merlotte’s. He remembered looking into his eyes and seeing something he didn’t expect to see. Flashback: Laf sees Terry staring hard at the fries, letting them ruin. Laf calls him out in a nice way, but Terry is alarmed—he is SERIOUS about wanting to succeed with this job. It was then when Laf saw into Terry’s soul. And that’s when Laf funnily taught Terry how to cook fries—with a little dance. Really cute scene with Lafayette and Terry.
Eric, doc, & Ginger: Eric hears a woman screaming. Eric: “I know that scream.” Ginger is locked in a room with other humans, presumably as part of the camp’s donor program. Ginger calls him her knight in shining armor (you know, bloody overalls).
Portia’s eulogy: After her short Terry story (teaching her how to swing on a swing set), the minister asks Arlene to speak, but Sookie overhears her thoughts and learns that she is NOT ready to say goodbye, so Sook quickly offers to speak. Arlene mentally asks her if she listened in on her thoughts; Sookie smiled, and Arlene thanked her with a smile.
Sookie’s eulogy: Sookie confessed to everyone that she is a telepath and decided to tell Arlene about the first time she listened in on Terry’s thoughts (his first night on the job, same night as Lafayette’s memory). Flashback: Arlene, Sookie, and a slutty waitress were waiting on food from Terry. The slutty waitress was hitting on Terry. Arlene to the slutty waitress: “Flirt, flirt, flirt…Terry, you ought to look out for this one, she will chew you up and spit you out!” Terry gave her the chicken fingers she was asking for and called her ‘Red.’ When Arlene smiled and walked away, Terry stared at her in awe. Sookie then overheard Terry’s thoughts: he “said” Arlene was the prettiest woman he ever saw, could make him write music again, and she makes coming out of the woods not so scary. Back to present day: Sookie: “He loved you since the second you walked into his life…not many people can say they were loved like that, but you can.” As the tears fell, Sook stepped down and Arlene pulled her into a big hug. With the strength to take the podium, Arlene walked up to give her eulogy. When a weepy Sookie returns to her seat, Alcide is waiting for her, sitting where Jason would have been—he thought she needed a shoulder to cry on. Oh, God, yes. Sorry.
Bill: Bill can’t find Eric and he knows time may be running out. He realizes he still has Warlow’s blood in him…he finds a guard still alive. He lifts the guard to his feet and orders that he take him to the white room.
Sarah: Sarah climbs to the top of one of the camp buildings to open the roof of the white circular room.
Bill, Eric, Pam, Jess, Steve, Violet, Tara, James: We zoom through the crack in the roof and see all but Steve are feeding on Bill in the center of the circular room.
Jason, Eric, & Doc walk into the room where they can observe the white room. Jason says that’s effing gross.
So, when the roof opens—and Sarah cries, “Die effers!”—no one dies…except for one. Eric catches Steve Newlin by the neck just as he’s trying to escape the sun. Bill weakly tells Eric to let Steve feed on him, but Eric refuses, citing Steve as a constant problem to them. Pushing him into the sun, Steve looks up at the ceiling and sees Sarah staring down. He screams: “I love you…JASON STACKHOUSE!” LOL Goodybye, Steve Newlin. Eric then delivers the psychiatrist to Pam, who simply says, “You take such good care of me.” She zips in and bares her bloody fangs and kind of growls at the doc.
Note: Hilarious and perfect end to a really great smarmy character--I'll miss Steve, even though he annoyed me at times. lol
Arlene’s eulogy: Flashback: Arlene remembers how Terry was her rock. Just after giving birth to Mikey, Arlene swears the baby doesn’t love her b/c he won’t breastfeed. Terry calms her down in such a sweet, gentle way; he has her take a couple of deep cleansing breaths. Once she has calmed down, Terry tells her to try and feed him again. This time, it works. Terry says he loves this family…so much. Aww!
Pam, Tara, Jess, Violet, James, & the vamps: Violet thanks him for the gift of light, but goes all batty like the rest of them. All of them are high on Bill’s blood. Some of them are dancing (Pam’s dancing with the now dead doc) and just, well, acting high. None of them, however, are paying any attention to Bill, who is dying on the floor. Pam: Have we killed everyone who needs to be killed? Jason: “All except one.”
Bill sees Lilith’s bloody sirens standing in the room.
Jason & Sarah: He chases Sarah down, finding her outside running for her car. She grabs a gun from her car, but Jason tackled her and took the gun before she could aim.
Funeral: As Terry’s funeral wraps up, Big John wants to say something. Terry’s grandmother made yet another disparaging remark regarding the guests (she’s been doing this all through the funeral). Big John decides to sing a song for Terry.
During his song…Jason & Sarah: Jason FINALLY—YES—says to Sarah how dare she speak for God! If she can talk to God, why can’t he talk to Jesus? Jesus is telling Jason that Sarah deserves to die. Sarah cries, “What will become of your soul?” Jason: “I don’t know, but at least I got one.” And because of that soul…he can’t kill her. He doesn’t want any more blood on his hands, not even hers. She jumps in her car and drives off, telling him he did the right thing.
NOTE: UGH. I SO wanted to see her character gone. Yes, she’s a great psycho-bitch villain, but she’s run her course. I’m glad, though, that it wasn’t Jason—he’s a human, not a vampire, werewolf, or shifter. Part of me thinks it would be poetic for her to be turned into a vampire, or at least taken out by one. 
Eric, Jess, Pam, Willa, James, Violet, Tara, & the vamps: They’re all running around outside in the sun, still high. Eric finds boxes of Hep-V tainted Tru Blood and starts destroying them with the help of his high vamps.
Meanwhile, there’s a truck delivering tainted Tru Blood in Honolulu. A vampire zooms up to the truck, kills the driver, and a bunch of vamps storm the truck and take the Tru Blood cases.
Bill: Lilith’s sirens tell him his time on earth is over. But Bill says he’s not going anywhere. He calls for Jessica, but his pull is extremely weak—she barely hears him. Jess runs off for Bill and James follows.
Eric: Returns to the room where he was caged and forced to watch Nora injected with Hep V. He throws the chair she was strapped to against the cage.
Bill, Jess, & James: As Lilith’s sirens close in, Jess and James rush to Bill’s side. Jess doesn’t know what to do because vamp blood can’t heal other vampires. But, as James points out, Bill’s blood just saved all of them. James offers his neck to Bill, but he’s not drinking.
Funeral: The military did the salute for Terry, folded the American flag, played taps, and handed the flag to Arlene. Sookie listened in on Arlene’s thoughts. Though she didn’t like the gunfire, it wasn’t as empty as she feared and she’s content thinking Terry would have been okay with everything. It was beautifully done…I got all teary eyed, I’ll admit it.
Jess, James, & the vamps & Ginger: James steps out into the sun, joining the other vamps. Jessica soon follows, looking forlorn.
And then Bill walks out. The awed vampires give him their thanks and applaud as Jessica hugs her maker. He is their hero. Jess suggests taking this party back to her place (Ginger says, “I’ll feed everyone!”). Violet finds Jason and tells him he feeds only her. As they walk along, Pam pauses, sensing something.
Pam & Eric: Pam stares at Eric from afar. They exchange small smiles. Pam’s smile fades: “Don’t you dare leave me.” Eric zips up and away. Pam is left crying.
Thoughts & Highlights:
-Okay, the pacing was CRAZY tonight! It would go from some MAJOR action scenes to the funeral, then back to the action…then back to the funeral. It was an emotional roller coaster.
-I thought Terry’s funeral was beautifully done. The flashbacks were SO endearing and sweet.
-With the return of Alcide, I’m wondering if Sookie will really go through with marrying Warlow. Her story with Alcide never finished—it had only gotten started, then abruptly ended when Eric and Bill showed up.
-Eric. There are rumors running wild that he won’t be back. Yeah, I couldn’t handle that.  No joke. Eric MUST stay. End of.
-Well, next week is the season finale…what do you think will happen?
Scene of the night: Because this episode really did honor Terry, I’m going to pick Terry-related scenes as my way of biding his loveable character a fond farewell. I loved the flashbacks with Terry, Sam, and Andy fishing, and the one with Terry and Lafayette. For the present day Terry-themed scene…it has to be when Sookie reveals to Arlene just how much Terry adored her.
Line of the night: Eric: “I know that scream.”

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