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True Blood Tuesday: Whatever I Am, You Made Me

Posted on the 27 June 2012 by Thefriskyvirgin

True Blood Tuesday: Whatever I Am, You Made Me
Season Five, Episode Three.
I know this is a bit late! I’m so sorry—it’s been one of those weeks so far.
Tara: We start with Tara, wandering alone in the woods after being sprayed by Sookie’s new silver mister. Initially, she can’t see anything, but she heals super fast, thanks to her new vamp-y self. Now, she literally sees/senses everything (like more details in the stars…hears every snap, crackle, and beat…as in a human heartbeat). Oh, she’s following the heartbeat, which leads to a girl trying to fix her tire. Out pop the fangs. Soon, she can hear nothing but the heartbeat. In she swoops, pinning the girl to the hood of her car. After seeing her reflection in the window, Tara lets her go and apologizes.
Note: Aww, there’s TARA! It was nice to get a glimpse of the old Tara here.
Bill, Eric, & Authority: The Authority Council debates the issue of Russell and the fates of our two sexy vamps. In pretty short order, all but Salome and Roman leave the room. Looks like Bill’s offer worked—Bill and Eric must bring Russell in. Once Eric and Bill are removed from the room, Roman says, “Send in the new Nan Flannigan.”
OH HOLY DRACULA! It’s Newlin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sookie & Pam at Fangtasia: Damn, I wish I could text like a vampire—we’re talking mega fast. Anyway, as Pam texts, Sookie begs her to help with Tara. Pam’s not interested in Tinkerbell’s demands and proves as much when she shoves Sook into a table. Sook, ever the temperamental fairy, blasts her clear across Fangtasia. Pretty sure this greatly humiliated Pam.
Sam: Emptying the trash, Sam shifter-sniffs something around him. Awww, it’s Tara, hiding in a bush. She’s crying and tells Sam she’s hungry.
Note: I’m loving seeing more of the human Tarawe’ve known for four seasons come through her vampire exterior
Authority & Newlin: Ah, nice reference to Bubba (Elvis, if you’ve read the books). A fairly overconfident Newlin insists he can make the humans believe whatever it is Roman tells him to sell. Roman is clearly ticked by Newlin’s cavalier attitude towards humans. It’s clear Roman is wary of Stevie boy and goes on to soundly school him, reminding the Rev that humans are their ancestors, not talking meat. He says if vampires don’t evolve, humans will rise up and retaliate. Roman needs a friendly mainstreamer who knows how to work a crowd and keep the peace with humans.
Note: Noticed some interesting looks between Salome and Newlin. Anyone else catch those looks?
Bill & Eric: Before they can go after Russell, Bill and Eric are harnessed with indestructible devices shaped like crosses which will stake them in an instant should they disobey orders or do anything the Authority perceives as a betrayal.
Sookie & Lafayette: While cleaning up after Tara’s tirade, they agree to formulate a story to tell police regarding Debbie.
Tara & Sam: Sam feeds her True Blood…a lot of it. He offers to call Lafayette or Sookie, but Tara wants none of it, breaks a bottle, cuts her hand, and passes out.
Andy: Andy finds out he’s a local sex symbol…Holly’s sons posted naked pics of the Sheriff (taken when they found him with their mom). Oh, and in walk Debbie’s parents. Uh-oh.
Jason & Former Teacher: It looks like we have a teacher-student affair thing from years ago about to come to light.
Arlene & Terry: Terry tells Arlene he’s leaving with Patrick, but reveals nothing else. Arlene is clearly heartbroken.
Sookie & Sam: Despite trying to think about Sook’s boobs, telepathic Tinkerbell is able to “hear” that Sam hid Tara in the walk-in freezer. She’s happy he kept her safe and they hug, but not without Sam thinking about her boobs. Lol
Note: Loved seeing Sookie and Sam together like old times.
Pam: Pam’s in her coffin, dreaming away…and so we go with her, back to San Fran, 1905. Eric shows up at the brothel to see Pam. She flashes back to finding Claire’s dead body. Soon, we see Eric discovering Lorena and Bill feeding on Pam’s girls. Bill, who is a relative newborn, and Lorena are no match for Eric. Eric, though, admires Bill’s potential. Pam, meanwhile, closely observes everything. Eric insists they apologize to Pam…but she wants a bit more: Pam adds a $500 payment for every girl they drained. Eric likes her savvy. Pam tells Eric, “We have a debt to settle.” They kiss. Back to present day: They show Pam, crying in her coffin.
Note: For me, the Pam and Eric back story has been the highlight of the season thus far. I love seeing how their bond developed. Seeing Pam crying in her coffin was so sad.
Jason & Teacher: Jason spills his personal relationship issues to Teacher. Oh, yep, they had a fling when Jason was young—gross, not mention completely illegal!!! She apologizes, but Jason doesn’t regret it. Apparently, she taught him everything. Oh, Jason—you really need to think outside of your pants.
Debbie’s Parents & Alcide: Al tells them he kicked her out and ended it for good. He makes it very clear that she was on V again and sleeping with the pack master. Still, they want his help to find her.
Andy & Sookie: Andy shows Debbie’s picture to Sook and starts asking questions. Sook handles the questions pretty well. Still, Andy sniffs around Debbie’s jealousy over Sook’s relationship with Alcide and let’s them know Deb’s parents are in town searching for their daughter.
Holly & Andy: Make it a real relationship. :)
Jason & Teacher: Um, they do the deed. Once over, Jason realizes that what they did back then was very, very wrong. Teacher, however, seemed more than happy to keep it going. Yuck.
Salome & Bill: The tales made her into a villain—a dangerous female who is in tune with her sexuality. She claims she was just a girl with a screwed up family and tells Bill not to believe everything you read. Apparently, her mother traded her body for revenge—traded her to someone who wanted virgins. Salome has the power to send men to their deaths, but she is moved by Bill—she trusts that feeling after over 2000 years on this planet. She wants to trust him. Bill asks how he can prove it when she already has his life in her hands. Well…with sex, apparently. And so they do…
Jess: While trying on clothes in a boutique, Jess doesn’t take the salesgirl’s smack talk about Jason too well. She tells the salesgirl what she wants and sends her away. Hottie guy steps in to pick up a bunch of items…and he smells good, according to Jessica’s rather intense reaction to his scent. She steps out from the dressing room and tells him he smells awesome. Looking a bit frightened, Hottie runs away, hops in his car, and races off. Jess brings out the super-vamp-speed and chases after him. She finds his car abandoned. But she smells him everywhere.
Note: Anyone else think Hottie guy may be a fairy?
Pam & Hoyt: Ah, Hoyt’s going to the dark side—eye liner, leather, and Fangtasia. Pam warns him that with the eyeliner and desperation, they’ll eat him alive. This then makes her think of Eric…
Pam & Eric, past: After the sex, Pam asks Eric to turn her. He muses a bit about her profession, saying it may not be glamorous, but it’s honest. She confesses that women like her die alone when they get old. Pam tells him he can change her and leave—that she can handle the vamp stuff on her own. He compares leaving to throwing a baby away—being a Maker is deeper than marriage…it’s a tremendous responsibility. As Eric dresses, Pam, crying, slits her wrists, forcing him to choose: watch her die or change her. Well, he changes her.
Note: I’m thinking this Maker discussion is setting the groundwork for Pam’s relationship with Tara. I don’t know why, but I just think their bond will develop.
Salome & Eric: Looks like Miss Salome is still the seductress. Salome knows Nora is Eric’s sister, saying Godric loved him most. Turning on her charms, she talks about trust—how friends you can trust are a rare commodity. She mentored Nora, thus her betrayal makes Salome look bad. She says Eric is cold because he’s been hurt, and the wound is still fresh (I’m assuming Sookie is the source of the wound). And she undresses. First Bill, and now Eric. She’s a busy bee.
Nora & Rosalyn: Nora’s getting the silver injection treatment. Roselyn thinks she did the betrayal thing for love. Nora won’t break…until Roselyn threatens Bill and Eric’s lives. Nora screams that she believes vampires were created in the image of God; that Lilith will rise up and rip their throats out. Another shot.
Jason & Jess: After smelling the cotton-candy-blood boy, Jess is a little fang-y and wants to get it on with Jason. Jason, however, doesn’t want to do it—he tells her he’s not a mechanical bull that she can just come over and ride, and he has a hole in his heart that he’s been filling with sex. Jess says they could just talk, but Jason can’t be friends with a girl because of his Jason Junior. Jess says they’re already friends—she tells him to grab a beer while she puts on some sweats, and they can talk.
Note: So proud of Jason! And I love how Jess was determined to be there for him. I like the direction their relationship is moving—true friendship
Tara: Oh crap. Arlene heads into the walk-in freezer and Tara bites her! Wait! It’s a dream. Phew. Lafayette is standing over her when she wakes up. He tries to give her some True Blood, but she tells him not to touch her and digs her claws into his arm.
Alcide & Sookie: Alcide warns Sookie about Deb, but he suspects something is up with Sook. She just keeps saying everything’s fine. It’s at this moment when Lafayette screams, and Al, Sam, Sook, and Arlene head back to see what’s going on. Tara reveals her fangs to them all, warning them to stay away from her for their own good.
Alcide: “Nuthin’s going on, huh?”
Bill & Eric: While on an elevator ride, they compare notes and realize Salome is up to something. The doors open and they find a squad awaiting them.
Roman & Salome: Salome informs Roman that Bill and Eric can be trusted—they are not Sanguinista (vamps opposed to mainstreaming). She says Bill wants something to believe in, while Eric only believes in himself. Roman informs Salome of Nora’s confession—she’s Sanguinista. Salome suggests that it might be time for a change. He says no.  She fears for his safety—that the rebels are gaining in numbers. He believes he’ll be fine, so long as he has his secret weapon: Salome. And, they do it. So, that’s Bill, Eric, and Roman, all in one day. She’s certainly living up to her reputation.
Note: Anyone else get the feeling Salome may be a secret agent for the Sanguinista Movement? Could she have released Russell?
Arlene & Lafayette: Arlene shames him for having Tara turned. Um, whoa!? He grabs a bottle of bleach and pours it in the gumbo he’s cooking. When he does this, he sees his reflection in the mirror above the stove and realizes he is now Jesus’ monster-demon thing. He comes to his senses and pours out the gumbo. WTH?!
Sookie & Alcide: Sook reveals the truth about Debbie to Alcide. Al is visibly distraught—said he’s had her back from the beginning and can’t believe she wouldn’t trust him enough to tell him. He walks away from her. :(
Tara: Breaks into a salon and closes herself into a tanning bed. Oh no! She’s trying to kill herself. Pam, however, can sense what’s going on. She rolls her eyes and says, “You stupid bitch.”
Note: Thinking Miss Pam is becoming a mommy…and I can’t wait to see how she handles it.

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