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True Love Never Ends, Seeks No Light and Color – Poetry

Posted on the 23 September 2017 by Jaideep Khanduja @PebbleInWaters

Actually, True Love Never Ends,

Neither does it seek any light or color

Because it has its own light and color

brighter and purer than any other

light or color.

it is nonsense
to search
for true love.
if it is love
it is as sacred
and pure
as Truth.

Because True Love Never Ends.

That, in fact,

you don’t need to search.

It will come to you

on its own

as and when

it has to.

Rather, as and when

you need it most in life.

Love is sacrosanct having a few

astonishing colors

if you could see.

Those are
First is the Color of truth,

Second is the Color of purity,
Third is the Color of Acceptance,
Fourth is the Color of Variance, and
Fifth is The color of Infinity.

But, as a mater of fact,

Never search for any other color
in Love
if you are truly in Love.

Because those colors are all


That don’t need any


walk on the ramp,

or any demonstration.

True Love Never Ends!

Love is not a lesson
like a classroom lesson.
Neither it is a
course or training.

If it is love, it is bound to
happen on its own,
In fact, if you are able to
listen to your heart
you can know very well
when it happens.

If Cinderella was
ugly by face,
and her heart wasas virtuous, kind and
courageous as it was,
how her external ugliness would have
mattered to the

True Love Never Ends, Seeks No Light and Color – PoetryPhoto credit: janwillemsen via VisualHunt.com / CC BY-NC-SA

The prince when fell in love
with Cinderella
was not aware of her
poor conditions.
Neither did he bother
even after knowing the same.

If that is the symbol of
a strong character
Prince would have loved
any shape and size
of Cinderella irrespective of
her beautiful face.

And if not,
the Prince never
deserved that beautiful heart.

True Love Never Ends

Moreover, never forget
the role of your
Fairy Godmother
in your own life,

True Love Never Ends.

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