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Truth Is Thursday: Dallas Returns

Posted on the 15 June 2012 by Thefriskyvirgin

Truth Is Thursday: Dallas Returns

Dallas, Then: Photo Credit, CBS Archives, Getty Images

You know I love my hometown. You know I’m a rabid Dallas Cowboys fan. Pretty sure you’ve seen me go ballistic over the Dallas Mavericks.
So it probably won’t shock you to know I’m a huge fan of the television show, Dallas. And today, it’s all about the return of the Ewings, Southfork, the Cattle Baron’s Ball, backstabbing, double secret backstabbing, and that iconic theme…it’s Dallas, in full force.
Last night, Dallasreturned on TNT with a new generation, but don’t fret, J.R., Bobby, and Sue Ellen were all very much present. Oh, I was in 8th heaven, Texas style (and who wore #8? Aikman. Yeah, I went there).
I watched the original when I was a little girl with my mama, so to see it return with so many of its original qualities was as awesome as a Thanksgiving Day win in Cowboys Stadium.
If you enjoyed the original Dallas, you will enjoy its return—it’s got everything. The cast is pitch-perfect, the plot is as twisted, deliciously juicy, and unpredictable as its predecessor, and the familiar Texas landmarks hug us like a big blanket of bluebonnets.
This Dallas Texan gives it two very enthusiastic Yee-haw’s!
What exactly is my truth this Thursday?
Truth Is: I love Dallas! Welcome back! And I must not be the only one…Dallaswon the night in ratings!
“Bettin' against J.R.’s son would be like bettin' against the Dallas Cowboys…downright unpatriotic.”~Dallas, 2012, Episode One. 
Dallas comes on every Wednesday at 9 EST.

Truth Is Thursday: Dallas Returns

Dallas, Now: Photo Credit, TNT Publicity

 Dallas 2012 Trailer, TNT (there may be an ad you can skip at the beginning):
Updated Dallas Theme, 2012--I LOVE that they have the shot of Cowboy's stadium, just like the original did with Texas Stadium, and ended on that zooming shot of Southfork! Awesome! (THANK YOU, TNT, for keeping to the original theme...Dallas just wouldn't be Dallas without it).

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