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Trying to Be "Happy" of Losing a Smartphone

Posted on the 16 March 2016 by Arwinkim
Yesterday I went to Watampone by motorcycle to buy a mouse because my old one was already broken and didn't work properly. When I was going home, I took time to buy credit for my mobile number in the way. However, when I already arrived at home I felt very shock that my smartphone was missing when I pulled out everything from my pocket. I went to where I bought credit for my missing smartphone but nothing I could find and no clue at all.
Eventhough my smartphone was already broken anyway with a big black circle in its screen but it contained valuable data, 16GB SD Card and over Rp. 65k credit in its number. I had no idea how to find it anymore. I tried calling it but no answer. I called Telkomsel to block the number but they could not do it unless if it was a Halo number. Surpsingly, I asked how much credit it has recently and the answer was Rp. 3000. Yeah, someone who picked it digged the rest.
So today, I plan to replace my mobile number but with the same number that it still has Mindnight Bonus over 24GB for internet access. So lesson learned, never be careless of your valuable things. If it is technology related, always install security system to prevent big losses and don't forget enabling tracking feature to locate it wherever it goes as long as it is in the network coverage.

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