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Tuesday 11.12.2012

Posted on the 26 July 2018 by Therealme

The bus was full. Andrea who was sitting on a back seat called me:
-Nick do you have any colleague’s phone number?
-Just Muhammed’s.
-Who? – The boy next to her asked.
-That one doesn’t understand a thing. – She said. -You see I even found you a place.
Real people don’t boast.

After we got off, she told me she forgot her phone.

We arrived just on the pause and saw colleagues outside. I asked Ergin “On pause?”. Munin asked me why I was late. Mike said “Nicky”. I sat in the second row.

On the second pause Thomas asked me if I was fine, Nelson I said “Uprise!” to me. After all Tuesdays and Wednesdays are not horror.

Things were changed after Maths: Nelson II was moved, Andrea moved, Muriel and Gulben moved, I was alone. I asked Munin to rewrite from his notebook what I missed Maths, he told me he had something and suggested me to ask from Reis. I responded:
-He’s not my friend. He’s not close to me.
However, he dared:
-… (Turkish) (showing me with his hand)
As Reis looked at me, I dared to interrupt:
-Would you like to?
He dared to interrupt Munin too:
-To rewrite Maths what I missed.
-From the first lesson?
-Yes. Will you give me?
He gave his notebook to me.
-Just leave it next at the orange folder later.
-OK. Got it. Thanks.
I took from the it guy. Munin asked me to give him my notebook as Reis writes small. He also moved.

I asked the it girl if she was OK, she was great.

The I.T. professor entered. Scotty gave me the list. I called Reis to return the notebook, he told me to give it to Andrea.

Munin stated the weather was like last year. It wasn’t. I run a diary and I know it!

On the waiting area Andrea and Nelson II were happy.
-Why are you so cheerful?
-We are cheerful. Must there be a reason to be happy?

Tuesday 11.12.2012

Lies: She claimed they were happy for the flips and for the snow – well it didn’t seem like that at the morning. She said she wouldn’t come the next day because of the weather – she would be cheerful for the snow at home.

Girl, you already know me enough years in order to know what am I like. I gave up, though I could simply win. Let it be. You will need me. At least I would have prayed for your sin if I knew it. It’s probably about a fraud. I could have even predicted it. The fact that I relent doesn’t mean that I’m weaker, it means that I am devoted to the right One.

… Looks like everywhere I go I’m a star.

In Preevytip Andrea was gossiped by the taxi driver I left with. A passenger commented that she was beautiful, to which the driver said “Just for me”. She was treated like sexual object, while she thinks he is her friend. So it was that…

It was Ducky’s birthday. No one wished him happy birthday on his Facebook wall.

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