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Unbox with Me: BDJ Box March – Benefit Cosmetics Exclusive

Posted on the 13 March 2014 by Genzelkisses

Everyone is just so excited about this month’s box!  Why?  Because BDJ Box partnered with Benefit Cosmetics for March beauty box!  Even some of my international blogger friends are asking if they can subscribe to BDJ Box.  I’m not really sure with international subscription but you can always check their website.  I was so excited the moment I saw it on my bed (my cousin received it for me and placed it there) and peek in the box what are the products inside.  Here, I made another unboxing video for you.  Please don’t forget to subscribe and thumbs up if you like it! :)


BDJ Box March 2014 | Exclusive with Benefit Cosmetics

Talk about the well-designed sleeve of the box, it’s so Benefit!  I like the design, colors, and theme.


5 Stickers : You don’t need a Mirror to know you are Gorgeous!


Items inside the box!  Yay! <3  These are deluxe sample sizes that you can use for a couple of days or weeks.


1.  Benefit Stay Don’t Stray for eyeshadows and concealers to stay put. | Full size: 10ml P1,400.00 (approx. $33)

2.  Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow | Full size: 30ml P,1900.00 (approx. $44)

This is one of my most favorite foundations!  You can read my review here:

3.  POREfesionnaal PRO Balm | Full size: 22ml P1,600.00 (approx.  $37)

Another favorite of mine from Benefit.  You can read my review here.


4.  Stay Flawless 15-Hr Primer | Full size: 15.5grams P1,900.00 (approx. $44)

5.  Under My Spell Noelle Fragrance | Full size: 30ml P2,000.00 (approx. $46)

This smells so good!  I remember a perfume that smells like it but I just forgot the name.

6.  Agent Zero Shine | Full size: 7grams P1,600.00 (approx. $37)

That’s all for the items in this month’s box.  It contains 6 deluxe samples from Benefit Cosmetics.  I’m happy I get to try these products since I’m a fan of Benefit.  One thing tho, just like what I said in the video, I will be so much happier if they have included even just one full-size item in the box or maybe the item that I’ve been lemming for ages, a deluxe sample of They’re Real Mascara. ^_^

This box is actually themed for Summer that’s why as you notice, the products in here are all in one goal, to make your makeup last longer.

If you want to subscribe, I highly suggest you do it in advance.  When I say advance, I mean at least a month or two months before because their boxes are easily sold out!  They’re like the Ipsy Glam Bag in the Philippines, the long line of wait list is never ending. ;)

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