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Versatile Once Again

Posted on the 13 May 2012 by Alka Narula @narulaalka

APR 29, 2012

             Versatile Blogger Once Again 

This is my 6th Versatile Blogger award , and every time I receive an award I begin to wonder whether I really deserve it ? I started blogging for no other reason than venting out my feelings , my emotions sometime in Aug 2010 and for three months ,till Oct  endthere were no readers ,I would just post and sit back wasnt aware that it needs to be linked as well ,LOL . The first person to join my blog was Readitt and my my , was I thrilled na Maha thrilled that after 3 months of effort I got some one to read my blog.
Versatile Once again
 Well my poetry is on review by some journalists and will be published on their approval ,in the mean time i would like to congratulate Navin Mathew who blogs on for receiving the award and also thank  him for passing it on to me.  
There are some rules I need to follow though.1. Create a new post. Check.2. Thank the lovely person who nominated you for the award. Check.3. Pass it on to your fellow bloggers. Now the tuffest part , I would actually like to re reward Navin for making me go through this ordeal Of selecting  only 7 bloggers out of the entire list. Well to accept the award I must bear the brunt and here the list of the Bloggers that I would like to recognize and in no particular ordersaikat mbka ghosh http://campbuzzz.blogspot.inserendipity           Versatile Once againLittle Moments Of Blissdella  My Garbagedeepak karthik WHATEVER iT TAKES !a homemakers utopia A Homemaker's Utopia..elvira its my lifeleo paw bigbitz-blograhul miglani Desire v/s Destinyraphael ...Ergo, I blogpunamjr State 7 random facts about you.Seven Random Facts? hmmmmm tough  lemme wear my thinking caps on
  1. I am a big time animal lover though dogs are my fav ,i can actually communicate with them
  2. -I am a fitness freak
  3. -I am a good swimmer though I know all the four strokes but back stroke is my fav 
  4. -I am hyper active ,full of energy cant sit still..I dont walk literally run 
  5. -I  love to collect curios and ash trays
  6. -I hate going to beauty parlours
  7. -I crave for a vacation in Kerala , would love to be by myself with my music ,some good wine and sea food 
5. Claim and post the award pic. Check.That's right. Take a good, long look at it. You are looking at the newest Most Versatile Blogger in this zipcode.

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