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Wednesday 31.10.2012

Posted on the 29 August 2016 by Therealme

In A.2 I headed to sit next to the it girl in the third row. There were boys in the first and second row, but I loved the third.
-Hello Sarah.
-Nick, Marcus sits here.
-OK. – I chose the next place.
-If not we’ll arrange you to sit between us.

No Andrea again, but this time she came again. Nelson II sat next to me. He asked me where we should study to, where Andrea was and what I came with. I rewrote from him. He spoke with the one next to him, but not as much as I would expect. The it girl asked me if I had two 50 denars and a piece of paper. I gave her the latter and she thanked me a lot.

On the break the it girl call me:
-Nick, will you sit here? Come out with us. Nelson come on.
Nelson II and I went out with the it girl and a few friends of hers. Christy was smoking on a bench. I was quiet in front of new persons like Monique. The it girl shared a recent experience:
-…I was gonna fall, I looked at a female. I say “motherfucker”, at least if it was about a male.
-So you’re a maniac. – Marcus added.
-No, well sometimes I look to see what they’re wearing.

…I was returning alone. I wanted to reach the lone Nelson, but he found some girl, and I found Munin on the computer logged on e-studying. I interrupted him, asking what he was doing. I showed him how to find the colloquiums dates. We walked together. He told me he forgot to rewrite from my Math notebook and that he’d copy later.

Back in A.2 Marcus said “Say something, bro” to me. He considered the Electrotechnics exercises were like entangled. Marcus and the it girl didn’t include me in their conversations.

After the lecture, I continued with Munin. In the copy shop we found Reis and Muhammed. I said “Reis” and he – “Colleague. How is it?”

Before leaving, Reis said “Bye colleague” to me. Munin told me the three of them would practice Math together.

Munin shared he spent 5 hours on Facebook the previous day. I told him to add me, he asked what my name was. He practiced body building for 2 months, for one hour and recommended me to plan to do it. He said I wrote big. Andrea called me to tell me she had taken my index, but I told her I couldn’t take it from her then. Who gives her right? I returned to the faculty with Munin. I informed the Kumanovo guy the bag costed 900 denars as mom told me the previous day, but he didn’t express interest in buying one. Munin went to toilet. Andrea gave me the index outside. To my question why she went at the counter, she said it was for something else.

I asked Dave if he would go on the additional Math, he confirmed. Andrea and Nelson went on Math, Dave and I approached the Kumonovo guy sitting with a grandma on a bench. Gulben described the situation as joke-o-teque. The grandma suggested that we shouldn’t study Math, but pussyology. She revealed to have given blood 50 times and when the Kumanovo guy concluded she was weak-blooded, the grandma opposed she was too-blooded. Dave moved next to his fat friend. When someone with deed declares that someone else is better than you… In this case your opinion about him lowers.

665894_484039718294384_220477462_o - Copy

I told Gulben I would go with her who commented: “What fucking jokes. I should’ve recorded him”. I asked her if she was from Stip, she was. We needed to go in lecture room 15 that I didn’t know where it was. There, I sat next to Emily, I knew somebody was gonna come. She asked if a guy could sit, I agreed, but he moved. Next to me came Thomas who called me a scientist, to what I told him I didn’t study a lot, then he said I didn’t have brain. Thomas asked me if I had reflexes, I showed him I did on a side of my stomach. I lent a pen to the Kumanovo guy in front of me. I didn’t explain what he asked me about an exercise. To Thomas’s reaction, I told him I studied at home, I didn’t care on faculty, he opined I shoud do the oposite. Thomas said he’d add me on Facebook. The new professor wasn’t strict, had a very good handwriting and wasn’t very smart.

Outside Thomas was interested where I was going, I told him I was going to walk because I needed to wait one hour. He was going to eat and he invited me to join him, but I refused him. He was waiting for David and suggestedHe answered he was waiting for DaHe answered he was waiting for Davi I to wait too, later to walk toghether. I was thinking, but he told me to go when I have already decided to.

Back from the walk, in the upstairs hall I found Muhammed and the curly haired girl. Muhammed said to her:
-This kid is very good.
-I’m hearing you. I’m hearing you. – I was smiling. -Where is Reis?
-In the toilet.
I wonder if the old homosexual Nick would go there too. I asked Muhammed if he practiced Math, but he replied something that he shouldn’t study it. He asked how old I was, I asked him the same. He told me he was 26, completing 27 in 7 months in May.

Vanessa and her male friend sat next to me. Via phone call Reis found out we would have the irregular Electrotechnics lacture in lecture room 3. He rushed a lot. I showed him it was where we had Math practices.He went went ahead of me and entered first. As the lecture had already started, I went next to him and asked him “May I?”. There was no answer, yet I sat anyway.

While sitting with the most handsome guy, he had many contacts with the others, I only asked Gulben what they were writing. Reis asked me what pages were missing from the book, I told him I didn’t know and he repeated me in a question form.

-Nick! Nick!
I turned around. It was the it girl sitting with Marcus.
-We’ve been calling you since earlier.
-Where have you been? – I silently asked her, not loud enough to get an answer.
How great is the feeling people to want you because of who you are, not because of what your parents are, or because you’re their relative.

On the pause Benjamin called me outside to find a girlfriend for somebody. I went out. They were gathered around the it girl again. Benjamin asked me if I studied, I answered “Gra…dually, slowly”, making a speaking error. He told me to study, then to practice them. He asked Willy if they would come, who accepted if I knew. Benjamin also asked Reis.
-Does he know them?
-He does. He had 98 points, he’d be straight 10s.
-But that doesn’t matter here, it’s important to understand. – Reis made it clear.

Inside, I had just thought of the “keep your enemy closer” rule, Reis moved a seat further replacing William who went forward.

On the waiting area I stood next to Thomas, asking him if he’d wait too. The Radovish colleague asked to copy the Electrotechnics exercises from me the next day, I told him to remind me.

Speaking of the “keep your enemy closer” rule, in the bus our well known ass-licker Sarah sat next to me and started a conversation. She told me they had Sport. She understands the colloquiums like matura. I decided to listen to my inctinct not to speak openly to her. According to her, it was nice to us in high school.

Sarah was curious if I had met colleagues, I told her I was meeting. To her question if the faculty was hard to me, I replied it was going somehow and she told me it was to her. She asked where I had colleagues from, I counted Kochani and Preevytip, then smiled. To her question why, I responded I hadn’t met them yet.

Sarah wanted to know if I wrote notes from the lectures, I negated. She stated that it gets boring. She was laughing on my account for what once used to be my biggest shame in front of I-4. I was laughing too, but of course – fakely.

She was acting like the old Sarah I used to know. She was very sincere towards me when she most purely asked me if we did mathematical induction in the same way. So she is sincere in front of me, but if there was another person she could say I was “moved”.

It was Halloween, so some kids were going “trick-or-treating”.  Our neighbor Scarlet adviced them it is done in America and England adding “There are no witches here”. The kids requested 50 denars in front of our window, but mom expelled them. As a Christian I decided not to celebrate it, but I have good memories from it.

Wednesday 31.10.2012

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