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What Does Your Sister Mean to You?

Posted on the 26 June 2013 by Jasminebhatia @jas_mine7
For me  my lovely angel means the world to me <3 We have had our share of fights, beatings, awesome laughs, great memories and embarrassing stories J  
She has been there for me through thick and thin and it is her whom I turn to everytime I am in the spotlight..I have a thousand thoughts in my mind at the moment which I am not able to put to words.. But one thing that I am able to put to words is how much she means to me and my whole life revolves around her. She has been a driving force for me…
Its her Birthday today and I just wish that God blesses her in abundance all the lovely things in life…May she be blessed with all the love, happiness, health, good luck, wealth and everything she ever desires!!Have a fantastic Birthday Hun..May there be loads of new Happy Beginnings in your life <3
What does your sister mean to you?
What does your sister mean to you?
What does your sister mean to you?
Love you loads and loads and loads…I am truly blessed to have a sister like you because I am nothing without you…

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