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What to Do When You’re Stranded HOME ALONE!

Posted on the 29 May 2014 by Poojakaradgi
Once more,Yes,you read it right. Once more my parents left me Home Alone, this time for 15days.Sissy’s marriage you see. So I thought of making up a list of things you could do, if circumstances lead you to a similar situation someday.What to do when you’re stranded HOME ALONE!

1) Start Loving the home-walls because for the next few days, they are the ones who are going to be the consumer of all your bullshit nonsense. Uninterruptable nonsense!
2)If you’ve started loving the walls, how can you ignore the wonderful creatures that skilfully glide on them?Yess! The LIZARDS! They’ll be your sole living entertainers! Who gives you a chance of “Hut”s “Shhhh”s “Hurrr”s?. Watch the uniqueness that each one possesses. The lovely tail, the cut tail, the brown tail while making your fish tail! :P
3)Invite your best friend at home. Works wonders. Even if its your toughest exam the next day, they’ll make watching “SuperWoman” series on YouTube a fun!Sarcasm,is it?Ohh..What to say!
4)The main doors which annoy you each time that  irritating aunty legs in, either to complain about the sweeper or boast about her super’est’ awesome’est’ son ,suddenly become the point of constant glare  for you.You’ll be so desperate to talk to her that the mere illusion of her will pass your time.
5)Phones were probably invented keeping loquacious people like me in mind.Otherwise,tell me, what do you do alone?I  have gotten indebted to Graham Bell since then. I’m sure he would have invented it in a situation similar to mine!(You can expect me to come out with something like that,the next time!)
6) Mess with your kitchen, b’cause it’s all yours.You rule it,you own it!You are the queen. Disarray it in such a manner that salt becomes pepper and pepper (not obviously salt! Else whats the fun!) the asafoetida. The next time you enter to cook, I’m sure it’ll be at least a 3-4 hour time pass!(Are you serious?)
7) Don’t watch TV(Except Mahabharat.Thats my favourite!)All the Akshara’s ,the Gopi’s and the rest will haunt you so badly otherwise, that you may end up with a fortnight insomnia!
8)Try bathroom singing.Not to compel people to appreciate your hidden talent but just to make them know “Don’t ring the bell or knock! I’m not going to reply from inside. That’s so annoying!”
9)Go to the college dude! Because no college will ever understand your plight and grant you the attendance for your excellent home-management skills! Get it?

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