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When People Relate Vehicle to Myth

Posted on the 02 December 2013 by Arwinkim

I got into conversation with my mother and my brother yesterday about vehicle, which was related to myth. I thought it was ridiculous and totally mediocre, because I don’t believe myth at all. Myth only across my mind without making any sense unless stated in Hadits or Koran otherwise.

My brother told us that there was a “smart” man at village, who could be a best friend to buy new vehicle, particularly motorcycle. It was because he could choose “new motorcycle that can not experience accident by its user after s/he purchase it” by seeing its machine serial ID. What?

He added telling, that man ever told a young man to buy new motorcycle because he always got accident with his old motorcycle. The reason was his motorcycle machine serial ID contained bad luck number. Well, I just guessed that that young man was really bad to ride his motorcycle and/or his motorcycle was broken but he never wanted to fix it.

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