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Why: Life Coaching

Posted on the 02 July 2014 by Felicakes @felicakes

If you keep doing what you have always done, you will keep on getting what you have always got" - WL Bateman

Isn't it true? I use to be completely predictable.  I do things on autopilot.  I don't do things that is outside my comfort zone, but this year, I have done a 360 and did everything that is outside my comfort zone. I am running, running my own business, trying new food, new activities and etc. I am so out of my comfort zone that I have agreed to be coached by a Life Coach for 5 weeks. 

When a call out was made on Facebook looking for volunteers for 5 weeks Pro Bono Coaching, I jumped at the opportunity.  Liz, the Life Coach is amazing.  Think of her as your personal trainer BUT for your life instead of fitness stuff.  I felt comfortable talking to her and she was surprised with how honest I was and how open I was to things.  She did say that her job is not telling me what and what not to do. Her job is to guide me and hold my hands and walk with me as I go down the path.

If you asked me to see a Life Coach last year, I would have told you to get off your high horse and leave me alone.  My Why? Because I realised that I have all these dreams in my head and if I tell someone, it will be my reality and it will happen, something that I learnt this year, how to change your inner dialogue, but I hope to cover that in another post.  Liz will keep me accountable and I know she will keep tabs on me. I need that.  I need someone to occasionally poke and prod me.  How is she different from a good friend? Well Liz is not in my circle of friends. She doesn't have to worry about my feelings that much, well she does, but you know what I mean. :) It's a different ball game with her.  Kinda like the ladies at Weight Watcher or Jenny Craig where they weigh you in every week and ask you questions.

So what are we working on? Clutter.  Clutter in my mind and clutter in my home. I have decided this would be the year that I get rid of anything that is unnecessary in my home and in my mind.  I decided to work on the clutter in my home first because if I have a clutter free home, I think a clutter free mind will come in naturally.

The two reasons that we have identified why there are so many things in my home?  I am emotionally attached to it and I am financially attached to it.  These two are the WHY,  I am not getting rid of things that have little to less value or use in my house.  At the end of this exercise, I envision my home to be some what akin to a minimalist home. :)  I did say to her that while I was cleaning out the closet in my daughter's room, I asked myself, Why do I have so much shit that I don't really need? And it just clicked. 

So, I am taking it one step or should I say one area at a time.  This week, my task is to clear the Lil' Tiger's Montessori Table. The funny thing is, a Montessori shelf is suppose to be minimal and only have job trays that has a purpose.  I have been neglecting her table for a while now and that is going to change this weekend.  I have allocated time to sort it out.  1 hour. 1 hour to do what I can and not get myself stressed or overwhelm by doing it.

Liz gave me some ideas on how to deal with emotional attachements to things, have a Maybe Box, and you put things in this box that you are unsure about, come back to it in 6 months.  If you have not open the box and look for the items in the last 6 months, you are not missing it at all and it can be donated or given away.

At the end of my session with Liz, I felt empowered and so determined to get that table sorted that when I came home, I organised and cleared my dining room! It was not my intention to do it but I was buzzed when I came home that I just dove straight into it! 

Me, getting rid of the clutter in my life, is definitely outside my comfort zone and already, I am feeling a little better about clearing it and I know I will acheive great things. :)  

You can find Liz's blog HERE ahd she writes beautifully too! Liz will be fully qualified to take clients in 5-6 weeks time. :) So until then, if you need a little guidence, read her blog, drop a comment and tell her Feli sent you.

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