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Yerba Mate Tea Is The Talk Of The Town Currently @INYMArg

Posted on the 20 November 2017 by Jaideep Khanduja @PebbleInWaters

Of course, India is not the first country to witness the launch of Yerba Mate Tea. But definitely, it has a huge potential as a consumer. The reason for this is that we are a tea prominent country than coffee when it comes to hot beverages. Otherwise, also tea is still the top beverage in India in all categories. And as we know that the world is moving towards ‘green’. The production and consumption of green tea in India are at a rising trend for the last couple of years. Basically, tea is India’s national beverage. That is why National Institute of Yerba Mate (INYM) from the Republic of Argentina is launching Argentine tea.

Yerba Mate Tea Is The Talk Of The Town Currently @INYMArg

INYM is a non-state legal body with jurisdiction for the product throughout the Republic of Argentina. With its origin in 2002 by law, its one-point objective is to strengthen their official tea industry within the country. And, also, across the globe. Gradually this drive by INYM has given birth to various Yerba Mate companies in Argentina along with cooperatives, millers, and processing units that do various activities from its cultivation to marketing. The Embassy of the Argentina Republic in association with Instituto Nacional de la Yerba Mate or INYM, and Karavan Advisory Enterprises LLP (Karavan) launches the tea in India. Their first and foremost goal is to popularize the product in India by spreading the knowledge about its benefits of the Argentine tea.

Yerba Mate Tea Is The Talk Of The Town Currently @INYMArg

Yerba Mate Tea has tremendous benefits

For that purpose, there was a high tea event in New Delhi and Mumbai by the Residence of the Embassy of Argentina in association with Consulate General of Mumbai. INYM officials were an integral part of these launch events in presence of tea sommeliers, food halls, tea trails, social media influencers, and distributors. Love for tea, in fact, is a common factor between Indian and Argentine households. ‘Jerónimo Lagier, Director, INYM says, “With a higher count of antioxidants, it is a greener version of the healthy Green Tea, which increases one’s immunity and also satisfies the taste buds – with the Indian blends such as Ginger, Cardamom, Tulsi, Ginger, Honey and Green Tea. Our purpose in India is to cement our relationship through this drink as we know that India also consists of a large demographic of tea drinkers.”

Yerba Mate Tea Is The Talk Of The Town Currently @INYMArg

As a matter of fact, Yerba Mate Tea is Argentina’s national drink. The benefits of Argentine tea increase manifold by adding Indian herbs to it. That way, it will increase its health benefits. Though it has a slightly different taste it has a tremendous amount of benefits. It might take a while for Indian tea lovers to adopt that taste and flavor. But it is, in fact, not only delicious but carries a number of ingredients that catalyze our body defense mechanism.

Yerba Mate Tea Launch Had Interesting Interactive Sessions

At the launch of Yerba Mate tea, there was a tango performance. Besides that were a number of learning sessions along with good interactions. It was a good opportunity event for both, Indian distributors and manufacturers, and Argentinian tea manufacturing companies. In fact, you can also call it as Greener Green Tea. The tea tasting session had almost all the positive outcomes for the various flavors of the tea. If we go back to the 14th century, there is a mention of this tea as The Gift of Gods. That might be true looking at its constituents like vitamins, chlorophyll, minerals, etc. That help in fighting against Cancer, High Blood Pressure, Anxiety, Depression, and Diabetes.

Before I close this post on Yerba Mate Tea, let us have a look at some interesting facts about tea and coffee across the globe. For instance, in the United States, the ratio of coffee vs tea consumption is 3:1. In fact, in some countries, coffee consumption is phenomenally high. Like, in Ecuador, Brazil, Greece, and Costa Rica, the consumption of coffee in comparison to tea is around 98%. While in Mexico, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Spain, Portugal, Belgium, Romania, and Finland it is almost 90%. And in Peru, it is a little higher than 80%. Also, in countries like the Netherlands, France, Switzerland it is around 70%. Similarly, in Canada and Argentina, it is between 55-60%. Finally, in Germany and Czech Republic it is 60%, and 65% respectively. In Poland too, it is a little higher to 50% in favor of coffee lovers in the country.

Yerba Mate Tea Is The Talk Of The Town Currently @INYMArg

Are you going to try Yerba Mate Tea to Leverage its benefits?

But, there are countries where the consumption of tea is in higher proportions than coffee. Like in Chile and Bolivia, 65% of their people consume tea. While Europe and America have higher trends of coffee consumers, it reverses in most Asian countries. China consumes around 99% of tea in comparison to coffee. Similarly, Iran and India have 90%. Russia, Saudi Arabia, and Japan are 80%, 70%, and 65% respectively. In both the cases, Yerba Mate Tea has a tremendous scope of business and penetration.

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