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16th Annual Frida Kahlo Artists Exhibit

Posted on the 07 September 2016 by Latinaprpro @latinaprpro
16th Annual Frida Kahlo Artists Exhibit
This past summer I took an Aesthetics of Cinematography class and was assigned to shoot a unique color project. My inspiration for this project was one of my favorite surrealist painters, the great Frida Kahlo, because of the layers of color and textures that she used in her work.
Frida is also an artist that I have admired for many years, and I knew that at one point of my own life I would do something to celebrate my love of her and her work.
This assignment was the perfect opportunity.
16th Annual Frida Kahlo Artists Exhibit
Frida's work is also admired internationally by followers of feminist art, and also celebrated for her depiction of indigenous and Mexican life.  
Her art has not only shows us the culture of Mexico, but also the beauty of her life in spite of her many physical and emotional hardships.
While I couldn't possibly replicate her work, I knew that on an emotional level I could relate to her and would be able to honor her.
16th Annual Frida Kahlo Artists Exhibit
Shortly after making it public that I would be creating a Frida-inspired photo project, I realized that I had gone a little bit over my head because there were so many details to consider and I only had one week to get it all done.
From casting the models, to finding a location, to securing wardrobe, props, and flowers; I had no idea how much the planning of this shoot would change me and connect me further into the artists that I am.
But while I was shooting? Everything seemed to fall right into place.
We reached a place of emotional oneness.
With nature.
With art.
With us.

It was Beautiful.

16th Annual Frida Kahlo Artists Exhibit
I knew that something magical was happening - even before I saw the photos.
But how much so was entirely a surprise until I was told, time and time again, that I should "submit these photos for them to be potentially exhibited or published."
Normally, as you probably know by now, I just shoot and forward photos and my work to the models and clients. Maybe because I suffer from imposter syndrome, but I never feel that my work is at that level. But then I did.
I submitted.

And what I found out that happens when you press beyond your comfort point is that you might surprise yourself...
16th Annual Frida Kahlo Artists Exhibit
So here it is:
One of my photos from my Frida Kahlo project will be exhibited at the 16th Annual Frida Kahlo Exhibit during the month of September at Picture This Gallery in Long Beach and kicked off with an artist exhibit on Saturday, September 10 from 4 p.m. - 8 p.m!!
Besides exhibiting work from more than 40 artists, the Artists Reception will also feature live music, entertainment, a look-alike contest and all of the work exhibited will also be available for purchase!
Picture This Gallery
4130 Norse Way Long Beach, CA
Long Beach, CA  90808
I hope that you join me to celebrate the wonderful work of a woman that has inspired me so much - and see one of my framed photos.
My picture, hung in an exhibit wall, honoring an artist that I love!
Ana Lydia
NOTE: The photo selected for this exhibit will be available for sale, as is any of the above photos of my work. Contact me to see the rest of my Frida Kahlo-inspired photo series.

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