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21st Name Day

Posted on the 05 October 2014 by Katherine Anne Cutar @katherineannika
21st Name DayCelebrated my 18 years of existence in this world. Not. It's 21. Am I too in denial? Yes. Haha. Ugh, I just don't feel like a 21 year-old human being. I feel so young... er. Younger.21st Name Day21st Name DayOnly invited a few bc I ain't rich kid.21st Name Day21st Name DayTeam Smizard!21st Name DayTeam RamRine! Haha!21st Name Day21st Name Day21st Name DayThank you to Axell, one of my college blockmates for letting me borrow his leather jacket. I really like it! #swag hahaha21st Name Day21st Name DayLubooooot! Missed Wendy so much!21st Name Day21st Name DayThank you also to my Twin, Sheelah, for my birthday cake!21st Name DayAnd Ramz for this new book! Rainbow Rowell's Eleonor and Park.21st Name Day21st Name DayHome early and swaggin'!
Would just want to clarify that I wasn't able to invite all my friends because I just can't accomodate everybody financially. Ayaw na mo pangluod please. 

Thank you so much to all who greeted me even though I disabled my birthday on Facebook. Hehe. Thanks to all who accepted my invitation and again sorry for those who I didn't invite. Next times don't run out, anyway. Thanks to my twin for the birthday cake, Wendy, Chennie, Ivy and Faith for the gifts. And for those who didn't make it, I totally understand (tho nangluod jud ko at first haha).
Thank you for making my day special! More pictures here.21st Name Day

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