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Tips on How to Travel with Bad Credit

Posted on the 06 February 2018 by Katherine Anne Cutar @katherineannika
TIPS ON HOW TO TRAVEL WITH BAD CREDITTravelling can be done despite having a bad credit score, you know. Yes, your dreams of getting out there and exploring all the wonders of our world do not have to be squashed because of you having bad credit, and you make sure you remember that!
And, when seeking to travel with your bad credit in tow, make sure to remember the tips below, too, as they will help you get the best out of both your traveling experience and your credit score.
Seek borrowing methods that don’t need a credit check
If you need to borrow some money in order to fund and finance your travels, then fear not as, in this day and age, your bad credit score doesn’t necessarily have to hold you back. Yes, today, you can seek borrowing methods that don’t require you to undergo a credit check, ultimately meaning you can borrow money legally with or without bad credit. One such borrowing method that is cut in this ilk that you should turn to is what is known as peer lending. This is a type of lending practice that allows for individuals to lend or borrow using technologically driven online resources, and a lot of the time the borrowers in question do not question the lender’s credit history. So, make sure to consider peer lending, otherwise known as peer-to-peer or P2P lending, if getting a borrowed sum of money will help you with your travels.
Only ever make accommodation reservations online and then prepay for your stay using a debit card
Again, technology really does offer a helping hand when it comes to traveling with a bad credit score. This time, technology is helping through the way it allows for accommodation to be reserved completely online. And, if you have a bad credit score then this is something you must be doing as this course of action doesn’t involve you showing your credit history to the accommodation or even using your credit card at all. And, what you should also do during this reservation stage, if you are given the chance to do so by the particularbooking site and accommodation you are reserving with, is to prepay for your stay at the premises using your debit card only (or, alternatively, you can wait until you arrive at the accommodation and then pay in cash). Doing all of this will help you to circumvent having to make your credit score known to the accommodation you are booking your stay with and ultimately being declined the chance to do so.
Anything in the past could have lead to you having a bad credit score, but it doesn’t mean your future traveling experience need be ruined because of it. So, whether you’ve got a bad credit score or not, make sure that you aretraveling to your heart’s content if that is what you want to do!
Disclosure: This is a contributed/collaborative post. Text and photos are not mine.

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