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Denim Rerun

Posted on the 08 November 2016 by Katherine Anne Cutar @katherineannika
DENIM RERUNAnything familiar? Yup. The denim jacket. Already have worn this just recently and I'm back at it again but that's not really an issue. Some say that repeating outfits is a fashion crime but if you come to think of it, it's really not a big deal as long as you know how to vary style and combination, and how often you wear them. I admit that I am an offender of outfit repeats but that only occurs during normal days at work just like most people do. On my outfit posts, I always see to it that there will never be duplicating looks because it's obvious that there's no point in doing that. There might be duplicating pieces of clothing but the right amount of smearing creativity and style unto your look is enough to not look redundant.
This was during our first ever shoot at the rooftop of our office building but minus the drone. Yes, if you read my previous outfit post, you'll know what I mean. Yes, this should've been published first before the other one but I was hesitant to do so because we somehow didn't manage to take good shots for this OOTD due to some reasons but I changed my mind because it'll be an outfit post wasted.
I chose this outfit because number one, I miss this gray dress and I couldn't remember the last time I wore this, maybe during our Camotes trip(?), and number two, I love this denim jacket and I don't care if this would mean that I'll somehow repeat an outfit. And you know, there are times that an outfit would suddenly pop-up in your mind and you would then want to look like that. This getup was the one that popped up. One thing that I don't like looking in this outfit is that I kinda look bloated. You can see it on my belly fat bumps. Haha!
Though the rooftop might not seem really tidy, I definitely liked being there because of the view, the wind, and good OOTD spots. Haha! Gotta go back up there and do more shoots! Not only that it's convenient and saves time in finding a decent OOTD spot, I also don't feel like a gallon of sweat is coming out of my body since it's cozy up there. 
You can always let me know your outfit repeat situations or experiences by commenting down below! :)
Bodycon dress - Cotton On | Denim Jacket - Shein.com | Sneakers - Pull & Bear

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