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DIY Crab Wedding Paper Flags

Posted on the 03 April 2013 by Msadams @HilaryFerrell

diy crab paper flags 400x600 DIY Crab Wedding Paper Flags

I have a penchant for paper flags.  Something about striped straws and cute decorated little flags makes my heart sing.  I love them so much I even included them in my own wedding. Knowing my fondness for all things paper flags, my friend T asked me if I could make some paper flags for her upcoming wedding.  I jumped at the chance to help and told her I would be happy to help with whatever she needed.

Cut to a few months before her wedding, T hadn’t brought up the paper flags again.  I knew I wanted to make her a few gifts for her bridal shower and I thought the paper flags would be the perfect addition.  When she originally asked about the flags, she sent along a picture of some flags with crabs in them.  Crabs are a motif for the wedding so I wanted to incorporate them into the flags as well.

IMG 0895 650x433 DIY Crab Wedding Paper Flags

On the front of the flag, I put the couples’ names with a little crab in the center (I found the crab in Microsoft’s stock pictures).

IMG 0890 650x433 DIY Crab Wedding Paper Flags

On the flip side, I put the couples’ wedding date with red dots that matched the crab.

IMG 0884 400x600 DIY Crab Wedding Paper Flags

I attached the flags to navy striped straws that I bought on Amazon (I think they were $10 for the box).

For those of you looking to replicate this craft, feel free to send me an email and I’ll send you the template (I’m working on getting it attached below but WordPress doesn’t like Publisher files).  All you need to do is print out the template on your printer’s highest resolution.  Then, grab a crafting mat (or in my case a wooden cutting board), an exacto knife, double sided tape, and a metal ruler.

IMG 1967 650x433 DIY Crab Wedding Paper Flags

Start by lining up the vertical hash marks with your ruler.  Then, carefully score the paper with your exacto knife.  It works better if you gently score the paper—that way all of your pieces will stay together for easier scoring later.  Once you’ve scored all three vertical lines, move onto scoring your horizontal lines.  Just line up your ruler with the hash marks and gently score.

When you are finished scoring, gently pull the flags apart from one another.

Gently fold your flags in half.

Then flip the flags over and place down piece of double sided tape that runs the length of the flag.

Next, line your flag up flat next to the 1 ½ inch mark on your ruler with the folded edge as close to the ruler’s edge as possible.

IMG 1983 650x433 DIY Crab Wedding Paper Flags

Take one straw and line the top of the straw with the top of your ruler.  This will ensure that your flags all hit the same spot on your straws.

IMG 1985 650x433 DIY Crab Wedding Paper Flags

Then gently fold over the top half of your flag until it meets the edge of the bottom half.  Use your fingers to rub down the flag until it’s smooth.

Make sure that you are extra careful with your exacto knife.  I was mindlessly cutting in front of the TV one night and ended up severely gashing my index finger.  You have been warned icon smile DIY Crab Wedding Paper Flags

Paper flags make a great addition to any event but these are certain to steal the show if you add them to your wedding décor. Who doesn’t love crabs?

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