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For Alice

Posted on the 25 January 2013 by Msadams @HilaryFerrell

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We received the words that we’ve been dreading to hear.  Mr. A was working late at work and he texted me at home to call him immediately.  As soon as he picked up the phone, I knew what had happened, Maw Maw was gone. After weeks of struggling and fighting, she slipped away from us late Wednesday night.

I’ve never been a good one for knowing the right words to say in these situations but I very vividly remember the emptiness I felt when my Mom Mom passed away.  While that emptiness lessens over time, there’s always a hole in your heart, where you ache to hear their voice again and touch their hands.

I would like to think that having faith makes times like these easier, and it does to an extent. I remind Mr. A that Maw Maw is no longer struggling to breath, and she’s reunited with the people that she has missed the most, her husband Doug and her dog, Vader, who both passed away within the last year.  Her spirit is in His hands and she has been delivered (Psalm 31:5).  Where she is now, there’s no death or sorrow or crying or pain and there’s no need for the sun because God’s glory shines so brightly that extra illumination is not needed (Revelation 21:4-23).  When you think about her new life that way, it almost seems selfish that we asked God to keep her on this Earth, where she struggled so much just to breathe.

Although we’ll always be sad that our children  will never get to meet their spunky, outspoken great grandmother, I know that she will always be watching over them (that is if my great grandmother hasn’t already beaten her to the punch–those two would make quite the crew).

Even though you are gone Alice, I know your spirit will live on through us.  Every time Paul goes fishing, he’ll think of you.  Every time, I take care of Paul when he’s sick or in need, I’ll think of you. My last words to you were that I would take care of your baby boy.  Rest assured that it will be a promise I will always keep.  I couldn’t think of a better way to honor you—loving the person that you doted on the most. I promise that he’ll always be safe with me.

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