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Posted on the 11 April 2014 by Katherine Anne Cutar @katherineannika
On the month of February this year, beau and I attended a screening for an annual department contest in our university. The screening had this interview for the contestants and a sample presentation. Since we only decided to join on the spot, we didn't had any prepared presentation. We just remembered some dance steps we knew and then applied them to some music where the steps could possibly fit. The video wasn't properly recorded because it's all in slow motion. I'm not sure what really was the matter with the laptop's camera software.
Anyway, that's just one of the recorded videos (that I've asked from the laptop's owner, Warren) and I don't need to just upload all of 'em cause I think they might not interest you. Haha. Just watch the video and I hope you'll enjoy our silliness. :P

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