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Great Britain in Cebu

Posted on the 23 March 2015 by Katherine Anne Cutar @katherineannika
Great BritainThe Great British Festival was held at SM City Cebu last March 12 - 15. I personally didn't find out about this event until I came across a photo of a friend where she was sitting on the "Iron Throne". It goes without saying that we immediately bolted and went to the mall as soon as we could, which was the following morning of that Saturday.
This event symbolizes the British empire's promise of good relations with our country by holding all various affairs such as this one.
The exhibit consisted  of different well-known British pop-culture replica models such as the "Iron Throne" from "Game of Thrones", a miniature model of the Big Ben, and more.Great Britain in CebuGreat Britain in CebuThe "TARDIS" from "Doctor Who". How I wish it was the real thing so I can go on time-traveling and multi-dimensional adventures!Great Britain in CebuGreat Britain in CebuKnocking on Sherlock's front door hoping for him to answer and greet me! Haha!Great Britain in CebuGreat Britain in CebuGreat Britain in CebuMy boyfriend tells me I'd probably make a great queen. Hmmm. But no. I'm not gonna be queen. I'm going to be a warrior. Haha.Great Britain in CebuThe whole exhibit was really fun and exciting to be in as we don't often get to see those models-even if they are just replicas-in real life. I'm looking forward to experiencing more events that promote good relations between our country and the Great Britain, and as well as with other nations.
Great Britain in Cebu

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