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Happy 1 Year Anniversary Mr. Adams

Posted on the 29 May 2012 by Msadams @HilaryFerrell

Procopio Photography 0240 650x433 Happy 1 Year Anniversary Mr. Adams

One year ago today, I walked alone down a gravel path shaking from a combination of anxiety and nervousness.  I knew my groom could hear my ever increasingly louder steps as his breaths grew even deeper and stronger.

Procopio Photography 0242 650x433 Happy 1 Year Anniversary Mr. Adams

When I finally touched him, my soul was changed forever.  I could feel his heart beating all the way through his back and I felt the tears welling up in his eyes.  In that moment, the Holy Spirit wrapped us up in His love, forcing us to meditate on the gravity of the occasion.  We were two of the lucky souls who were able to actually meet their soul mates here on Earth.

Procopio Photography 0417 650x433 Happy 1 Year Anniversary Mr. Adams

A few hours later, I walked down another gravel path flanked on either side by the two most important people in my life.

Procopio Photography 0416 650x433 Happy 1 Year Anniversary Mr. Adams

I’ll never forget that moment when ]Mr. A and I locked eyes as I reached the end of the aisle.  The incredible energy of that moment lives within the depths of my soul.

Procopio Photography 0531 650x433 Happy 1 Year Anniversary Mr. Adams

As we stood under that arbor, we recited our handwritten vows, making our promises into a sacred concrete reality.  I don’t remember anything but staring into Mr. A’s eyes, utterly amazed at his boundless love.

Procopio Photography 0584 400x600 Happy 1 Year Anniversary Mr. Adams

We walked away from that arbor two souls forever intertwined.

Procopio Photography 0885 650x433 Happy 1 Year Anniversary Mr. Adams

I spent the rest of the day with a smile plastered across my face.  When I look back at our wedding day, I can unabashedly state that it was the single happiest moment of my entire life.  And it wasn’t because of the flowers or the cake or the spotlight, it was because my life with Mr. A had just begun.

Many people out there will discourage you from characterizing your wedding day as the happy day of your life.  As to say that if that day was the happiest, the rest of your life is certain to be down hill.

I will wholeheartedly and resoundingly state to all of those people that my wedding was and will be the happiest day of my life because it provided the foundation for our beautiful life together that lay ahead.

That day will always be the most defining and joyful day of my life because it meant that every other day after that would have Mr. A in it.  Just the thought of that bring tears to my eyes and makes my heart swell past my ribs.

I spent the month leading up to our anniversary thinking of the perfect words to say to explain just how amazing this past year has been.  Every time I read an anniversary card or peaked through our wedding photos, I couldn’t help but cry.  The happiness and joy in my soul and my heart is immeasurable and unexplainable.

My life has been forever changed and blessed because Mr. A will be by my side to face it all.

How I’ve become so blessed to have such a strong, thoughtful, selfless man to be my best friend I don’t know.  But I will spend the rest of my life proving to him just how deeply my soul loves him.

While it has only been a year baby, I feel like my soul has always known you.  I can’t imagine being more in love or closer to anyone else.

Thank you for always being my best friend, my lover, my savior, my soul mate, my confidante, my respite, my sanctuary, my laughter, my heart, and my soul.

Your faithfully loving Wife.

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