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ICTO "Noir Et Blanc Fete" BTS

Posted on the 30 August 2013 by Katherine Anne Cutar @katherineannika
Last Saturday, August 24, we had our yearly acquaintance party organized by our college org, the ICTO. This year's theme was black and white and the main event of the program was the "Lady and Sire of the Night" wherein each year level should select a representative (male and female) to become the participants.ICTO ICTO First and foremost, I really am not into pageants and the like. I wasn't planning to join to some sort of stuff like this but unexpectedly, I magically became a participant. Lol. Nuff said, I think I must not need to tackle why and how I became a participant because readers might just get bored.
So here's a bunch of pictures from the photoshoot we had a couple of weeks ago. This photoshoot was intended for the People's Choice Award wherein selected photos are uploaded to Facebook and the pair with the most number of likes win.ICTO Meet Wiljay. He's the male representative for the 4th years. In short, my partner.ICTO ICTO Shannen. Ever flawless female rep from the 1st years. :3ICTO ICTO Kristine, 3rd year female rep. My fav participant. She really has a natural beauty.ICTO ICTO And of course, yours truly. xDICTO I look so tall here and I like it haha!I was really not comfortable with the heels I was wearing. Plus the people at the back of the cameras were always teasing me and distracting my ramp. Charot. Hahaha you know who you are people!ICTO ICTO ICTO ICTO ICTO And by the way, here's the 2nd year female rep, Rhea. She was not able to have the photoshoot earlier with us due to some constraints.ICTO ICTO ICTO ICTO Why so pretty, Kristine? Haha :3ICTO ICTO AND THESE. SO EPIC. HAHAHAHAHA!ICTO ICTO ICTO It was drizzling actually that's why we were bringing an umbrella with us.ICTO ICTO Jay-m, 1st year male rep.ICTO ICTO Julius, 2nd year male rep.ICTO ICTO Wiljay, 4th year male rep.ICTO ICTO ICTO ICTO ICTO ICTO ICTO ICTO ICTO The 3rd year male representative was not able to make it to the photoshoot because Idk. Haha.ICTO Browsing our epic faces and poses. Haha.ICTO ICTO The heck is that face. xDICTO ICTO There are still so many pictures aside from those photos I posted above but I just chose the best (and funny) ones. I'll be posting another entry about the party proper. I already saved my next blog entry as draft but I am still waiting for a video that's why I still don't want to post it.
And to our photographers headed by Warren, thanks a lot! :DHere's the video he made (the photoshoot was accompanied with a videoshoot as well)Click me!
Thank you so much for reading (or just browsing, perhaps? lol :P)I wish to make more blog posts by I always lack time and high quality photos. Laaame. Hihi.Always keep posted and thanks to whoever is/are waiting for me make another post haha!

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