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Is Peru for You?

Posted on the 21 January 2018 by Katherine Anne Cutar @katherineannika
IS PERU FOR YOU?The only answer that needs to be said here is yes. If it isn’t, you obviously don’t know what Peru has to offer you. The short answer is, a lot. But we’re here to outline them for you, so you’re about to get the long answer. Peru isn’t always everyone's go to, and it might just be because you haven’t really heard of it before. Everyone always thinks straight to Machu Picchu when they think of Peru, but there’s so much more than it offers. Here are some of the main reasons why Peru should be for you.
History And Culture
Peru is full of history and culture no matter where you turn. Arguably one of the most popular to visit is Machu Picchu. A bit of a treck to get to, and it will always be load and vibrant when you get there, but it is a firm favorite with pretty much everyone traveling there. The sacred valley should definitely be on your hit list as well. A highly religious area with so much history behind it. All of them are accessible by treks, but they aren’t the only ones you need to be going to. Here are some Peru treks you need to check out. One final bit of history people should try to add to their list is Lake Titicaca. A bit of a funny name, but an awesome one to check out. It is on the Peru border, so depending on where you’re staying it might be a bit far. But the ancient ruins there are really something to take in.
Food is definitely a bonus to any place that you go to, but none more so than in Peru. You’ll find some truly amazing establishments, and your mind will be blown at the diversity of it all. The pricing isn’t too expensive. The only thing to judge about peruvian food is that it can sometimes a be a little bit spicy, and a little bit heavy on the stomach. But if you’re a spice maniac then you’re going to thrive in this country. There are normal restaurants that will sell the foods that you are going to recognize most. But a lot of them are more traditional. You shouldn’t be complaining about this however. It is important to be able to widen your taste experiences. Trying something new might change your life.
We’ve already mentioned that there’s a fair bit of trekking and hiking to be done in Peru. But there’s a lot of relaxation to be done if that’s what you’re looking for. Peru beaches are really beautiful, although there isn’t many of them, the vibe on them is just amazing. Sipping cocktails on the beach listening to the waves roll in is the perfect way to finish the day for a lot of people. If you love surfing, Peru is a really good place to try your hand at it. If you’ve never done it before then you can have lessons on the beach to build up some basic skills!
Disclosure: This is a contributed/collaborative post. Text and photos are not mine.

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