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Posted on the 20 May 2017 by Katherine Anne Cutar @katherineannika
I don’t know why exactly but at this point of my life, I literally need time to rest, relax, and relieve everything that stresses me out. Good thing, something came up to my email and did its perfect timing. A few selected bloggers, including myself, got invited at Cebu Yacht Club to enjoy an exciting and indeed relaxing afternoon that everyone needs to experience. First of all, I would like to commend the efforts and eminently hospitable accommodation brought by the staff behind this event. They were really welcoming and treated us nice and special with utmost respect all throughout the event. You guys should keep it up!
We got there around 3PM and we were warmly welcomed by the PR staff who invited us. We were then served with (plenty) of delicious food and drinks. An hour later, the program officially started with amazing and beautiful dancers in sexy shiny blue outfits. The program was hosted by two lovely hosts, Phoebe and Paulo.
We were introduced to the hosting company, IPI’s (International Pharmaceuticals Inc.), newest product, the Efficascent Relaxing Oil. This product is even more modernized as it doesn’t have that typical “old scent” that most relaxing oils have. Efficascent Relaxing Oil or ERO is a powerful blend of essential oils that help calm the body's stressed nerves. If you’re a Filipino, I’m sure you have already heard about Efficascent oil as it is one of the most trusted products that consumers buy and use. You can absolutely use ERO when you are feeling stressed, having a headache, or even when feeling dizzy during a long trip. ERO comes in 3 and 6 mL bottles so you can definitely carry it on the go, whenever and wherever you are. Relaxing has never been this easy. 😌
The outfit of the day had to be an all white (if possible) but we can add hints of green shade. This was the theme of the event. Obviously, I chose the latter and yes, this was not a planned outfit once again. I prepped the morning before the event and just had to experiment which ones would look good on me but would still fit the theme. Luckily (I guess?), I did a nice job. Haha! Kind of just laid back and lax and not really digging the fashion over function kind of style.
I know, the first thing you noticed in this post was my hair. I did some major change right there and I did not have any single regret afterwards. When I was younger, I did the same hairstyle but my hair was rebonded right away so it looked so straight making my face look fatter and I didn’t look any good with it. I think, now, it’s the other way around. Haha. I know you’ll agree. 😋 I may have looked quite older, but I may have also looked like opposite of it, in a way. Maybe it depends on what I wear. It’s up for you to decide if I looked older or younger during this time. Lol. What matters is I like my new look and I’m going to embrace it until I get weary of it. Haha. Poor attention span problems.
We then headed to the yacht that we have all been waiting for. The afternoon was full of fun music, amazing people, delicious food, and cool wind breeze as we also tried on ERO for a more relaxing feeling as we witnessed the warm sunset. We took a lot of photos, that’s for sure. Haha. We also released balloons as a sign of a stress-free and fun time and just enjoy everything that’s in there.
We had a sumptuous seafood dinner and it was totally a wonderfully relaxing time eating on a yacht, viewing the city lights in front of us. The moon was really beautiful too. We didn’t notice that it was almost 8 in the evening when the program was about to finish and the yacht was about to head us back. The program ended with wacky group photos and happy smiles on our faces. And I will say this again, it was indeed a wonderfully relaxing experience.
I am already bringing with me a 3mL ERO whenever and wherever I go since I’m prone to headaches almost everyday. I guess this will ran out quickly, but the good thing is, they gave us enough supplies so that should not be a problem. Haha. This will be my lifesaver! Thank you so much IPI and Efficascent Relaxing Oil, relax to the max!

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