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Literally Pale

Posted on the 30 June 2015 by Katherine Anne Cutar @katherineannika
Literally PaleHere's to a CAT-like uniform outfit. Haha. Yep I know, I've thought of that already. But I have to tell you that it was comfortable wearing this look. Whenever I wear boots, I feel like I could just step anywhere I want. I feel solid and guarded. Haha. And don't forget the good old high-waisted jeans that I'm currently obsessed with. Since I have this slender torso, high-waisted jeans really help a lot with my almost-visible butt crack dilemmas. Literally PaleLiterally PaleLiterally PaleLiterally PaleLiterally PaleLiterally PaleHaha. I'm not even ashamed of this big smile anymore.
Literally PaleLiterally PaleI jumped at the wrong timing when the camera's still on zoom. This could've been a nice shot from afar.Literally PaleI have had this shirt a long time ago already but was only able to wear it just recently.
I think this will be the last pending outfit post that I've kept as a draft for a long time, and I'm glad that I'm now able to publish it at last for I am planning to change the way this blog works. And you will get to know about it in the next post!
And I thought you might be wondering, we shot this post at Super Metro, Mambaling parking lot. It was a Saturday afternoon and luckily there was only one vehicle parked that time. 
Thanks for dropping by!Literally PaleI'm fabulous. Haha. Not.
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Literally Pale

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