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Musings at the Start of 2015

Posted on the 03 January 2015 by Latinaprpro @latinaprpro
Musings at the Start of 2015I started off 2014 with a new ankle that can (now) fit into riding boots and will hold me up to walk an hour without pain. 
After much tugging and pushing, I finally went back to school ... And although news for me, it was the "about darn time you show off your creative juices," remarks that I received from my long-time friends and colleagues when I mentioned my new "Media Arts" degree choice - instead of marketing - that confirmed I was doing the right thing.
I retired from PR but didn't stay too far away - I just learned not to work with certain clients...as flashy as they may seem. 
I picked up photography, directed two documentaries, received an award for founding #LLBLOG/#LBNC15, wrote my first treatment and got a head start on my novel. 
I also organized my fourth Lifestyle Bloggers National Conference and started planning the Fifth Annual #LBNC15 Lifestyle Bloggers National Conference...which I hope you will join me at!
I found a new endocrinologist  that has been patiently dealing with my million and one health issues - a few of which some of you know of. The great news? I grew back some of my hair and my weight has been at the high end of 16 - the smallest I've been in two years. 
I lost both the only woman that loved me unconditionally and pushed my creative talent, and an uncle that found it perfectly OK to accompany me two hours to find that perfect imported fish for dinner. 
I realized that at the end of the day, my family is my family - and everyone else's, well, isn't. 
I lost touch with some folks, reconnected with others and met new like-minded people of all ages in school, through social media and outside activities (yes, I had time for a life in 2014!) that I'm proud to call my friends. 
I learned first hand that marriage teeter totters on the edge of insanity and bliss, but I have yet to learn how keep this relationship, probably the most important one, consistent. 
2014, in a nutshell, was EXHAUSTING
I was pulled in different directions - some completely by my doing, others, well, life...and although I don't believe in resolutions and I haven't created a vision board in years, I have started this year a few weeks back when I realized that at the end of the day MY Life is about ME
So...2015 has been aptly named #meyear
I started #meyear with my commitment to the Artist Way practice thanks to the insistence of a dear friend...and with that, I feel that I have kicked off a new chapter in this book called life.
As many others before me to on the eve of a new year, I can also say that 2015 is going to rock, going to be big, or some other yah-something adjective to make me feel positive and upbeat, but at the same time be completely unrealistic to what life throws me way.

The truth is, 2015 it's going to be great in some ways, sucky in others...and I'm ok with that.  Life has taught me that it's absolutely impossible to be happy and blissful all.of.the.time. But that it's very likely that good will happy right next to bad.People are going to suck while others are going to be my biggest cheerleaders. Some will be there through thick and thin while others come around only when the time is right. Although I might forget it at time, the reality is this: you can't avoid people that aren't on your camp...the best, and probably most mature reaction, is to learn how to live and function in any situation.
We just can't avoid bad.all.of.the.time...But I think we can learn to grow and learn from it.

So with that new found view on life
 I've finally embraced that I will ALWAYS be a work in progress...and I'm going to be just fine.

Better than fine...

During #meyear I plan on #livingbeautifully.  
photo credit: mijori via photopin cc

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