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My Vegas Trip in 6 and a Half Minutes

Posted on the 22 October 2012 by Cantuccfd @cantuCCFD

What a great 4 days. I'm suddenly back to reality. The annual Vegas trip with the guys from my old station was a blast. Lots of Guinness, flashing lights, sounds of "ding ding ding ding!", blackjack, beautiful girls, fast go carts that instantly turn you into a kid, zip lining down Fremont Street, and did I mention the abundance of Guinness? I can't believe how fast 4 days can fly by. There was a bit of drama the day before we took off as one of the guys (Bruce a.k.a. "Johnny Drama", pictured below) had to cancel himself from the trip, but you learn to not be surprised when a guy you yourself nicknamed "Johnny Drama" finds himself wrapped up in, well, drama.

My Vegas Trip in 6 and a Half Minutes

Always the guilty face...

My Vegas Trip in 6 and a Half Minutes I'm not gonna go into crazy details, but my phone rings at noon the day before the trip and it's Bruce. "I need a beer now." And me being the good friend that I am.. "Meet you at politics in 20." 5 hours of beer and video golf later and I still couldn't convince him to go. I tried my best but i think the decision was already set in stone. Oh well, Brucey Bruce, there's always next year.

My Vegas Trip in 6 and a Half Minutes

(My Vegas name)

And how do you capsulize 4 days of pure fun into a package to share with all the world? Video. So now for your viewing pleasure, my Vegas trip in just over 6 minutes. Enjoy.
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