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REVIEW! Birthday Cake M&M's

Posted on the 10 April 2014 by Thereviewaddict @TheReviewAddict
Birthday Cake M&Ms
Birthday Cake M&M's were released in the USA a few months back and of course we wouldn't be lucky enough to get them in the UK so I purchased this packet from eBay for £1.80. The 39.7g bag contains 190 calories.
I like the packaging, this blue is my favorite color and I just think that the bag really stands out. I noticed that they say "artificial flavour" on the packet so I guess this means that they aren't flavoured with genuine birthday cake. That a shame, I had pictured the little M&M character going to the trouble of making an actual birthday cake and adding it into a big vat of chocolate...or is that just my fantasy? Despite the lack of real cake, they are however made with "real" milk chocolate which is always a bonus.
Birthday Cake M&MsBirthday Cake M&Ms
The M&M's come in 3 colours; blue, red and yellow; and they are slightly bigger than the standard M&M's. The flavor was actually pretty good, I wasn't quite sure how a birthday cake M&M would work but it somehow does. The taste is predominantly chocolate of course but that was accompanied by the flavor of vanilla frosting. I wasn't quite getting cake but I actually really loved these little candies.
Birthday Cake M&M's have just overtaken White Chocolate Candy Corn M&M's as my favorite M&M's. They were sweet and incredibly moreish, I just wish they weren't so expensive to get hold of!
REVIEW! Birthday Cake M&M'sREVIEW! Birthday Cake M&M'sREVIEW! Birthday Cake M&M'sREVIEW! Birthday Cake M&M'sREVIEW! Birthday Cake M&M's

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