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REVIEW! Finn Crisp Original

Posted on the 08 May 2014 by Thereviewaddict @TheReviewAddict
Finn Crisp Original
I was recently sent these Finn Crisp Original from a PR agency. They are a Nordic rye crispbread that are high in fiber and they contain 20 calories each. You can pick up a 200g box for around £1.19.
Finn Crisp Original
I think that crispbreads is one of those products that are associated with being healthy and as it happens I am quite a fan of them because they are filling and you can top them with all sorts of nice things. With this in mind I set about trying them with my favorite topping; cheddar cheese and tomato...I like to keep it simple. They had a very nice flavor to them and a really good crunch.
REVIEW! Finn Crisp OriginalREVIEW! Finn Crisp Original
The PR agency also sent me some recipe ideas and above is a photo of one I that adapted for my breakfast this morning. I mixed fresh blueberries, a cherry greek yogurt, 3 Finn Crisps and a squeeze of honey but you could use any berries or plain yogurt if you prefer. It was a very nice combo and a really filling breakfast.
VerdictI will definitely be addd Finn Crisps to my breakfast in future, I eat fruit and yogurt a lot but the added crispbreads really bulked it out and added a nice crunch.REVIEW! Finn Crisp OriginalREVIEW! Finn Crisp OriginalREVIEW! Finn Crisp OriginalREVIEW! Finn Crisp OriginalREVIEW! Finn Crisp Original

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