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REVIEW! Hotel Chocolat Raisin Grazers

Posted on the 16 November 2012 by Thereviewaddict @TheReviewAddict
REVIEW! Hotel Chocolat Raisin Grazers
I've already reviewed a couple of Hotel Chocolat products this week, namely Dark Pistachio Pralines and Amaretto Amour.  I mentioned in one of the earlier reviews that I accidentally purchased chocolate raisins by mistake thinking that I had picked up chocolate peanuts so these are not something that I would usually buy; they look too much like rabbit droppings to me.  Not being one to waste chocolate, especially good quality stuff I thought that I would give them a go anyway.
REVIEW! Hotel Chocolat Raisin GrazersHotel Chocolat being a bit posh likes to call these Raisin Grazers rather than chocolate raisins and the packet describes them as "succulent, sun-dried raisins sealed within 40% milk chocolate". The 100g packet is split into two halves which is a good idea if you are sharing these however the serving suggestion is a third of the packet in which case perhaps three sections would have been better.
Now these are big old raisins and are very sweet and meaty in texture. Too many chocolate raisins contain horrible little dried up raisins which is why I am not usually a fan but these raisins are as described and are indeed succulent.  The milk chocolate is of the good quality that you would expect from Hotel Chocolat and is a nice thick layer.  Hotel Chocolat seems to have got the balance between chocolate and raisin just right here and the two really compliment each other.
Verdict I didn't think I would be saying this but these Raisin Grazers are really good!  Hotel Chocolat may have convinced me that these rabbit dropping shaped snacks are not be ignored after all. REVIEW! Hotel Chocolat Raisin Grazers

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