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REVIEW! McDonald's Orange Flavour Chocolate Pie

Posted on the 12 December 2012 by Thereviewaddict @TheReviewAddict
McDonalds Chocolate Orange Pie
This review was requested by one of my readers so I thought that it would be rude to not go out and buy one of these McDonald's Orange Flavour Chocolate Pies.  It's for the blog's for the blog! Personally I would have named it a Chocolate Orange Pie but I am not sure if there is some issue with that and people getting confused with a Terry's Chocolate Orange.
McDonalds Chocolate Orange Pie
I have to admit that I am a little partial to a McDonald's apple pie from time to time and a chocolate orange...sorry Orange Flavour Chocolate Pie sounded right up my street.  Conveniently I live round the corner from McDonald's so getting hold of one of these was pretty easy.  These pies are part of the Festive Menu and are priced at £1.19 each, they also contain 305 calories.
McDonalds Chocolate Orange PieIf you had ever had an Apple pie from McDonalds you will know that the "crust" is more of a batter than pastry and the Orange Flavour Chocolate Pie is made from the same stuff.  McDonald's pies are usually hotter than the sun when you bite into them so I waited the 10 minute drive home before tackling this bad boy.  I would have thought the fact that it was -1C outside would have helped to cool it down but it was still pretty hot by the time I got in.
At first I thought that they had given me chips by mistake because that was what I thought I could smell coming from the bag in which my pie was placed.  However, once I had opened the cardboard sleeve and cut into the pie, the chocolate orange smell that was released was heavenly!  The chocolate filling was more like the consistency of a chocolate custard rather than pure melted chocolate.  It didn't taste like chocolate custard though, it was more like a chocolate sauce and along with the orange it was a really good combination.
Verdict Despite having a rubbish name, the Orange Flavour Chocolate Pie made a good addition to the McDonald's festive menu.  Not being keen on anything containing mincemeat, I would much rather have something chocolatey and this hit the spot.  A big thank you to the reader that suggested this review to me! REVIEW! McDonald's Orange Flavour Chocolate Pie

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