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REVIEW! Milka Lila Pause - Nougat-Creme

Posted on the 04 June 2013 by Thereviewaddict @TheReviewAddict
Milka Lila Pause - Nougat-Creme
Today I am reviewing the Milka Lila Pause in Nougat-Creme flavor which was sent to me by the lovely people at Monster Sweets who are online sellers of American sweets and European chocolate.
The other day I tried the strawberry and yogurt version of this bar which got 4.5 stars so obviously I had high hopes for this one too. Monster Sweets have both bars on their website for £1.09 and a 38g bar contains 210 calories...or 105 if you split it with someone as I sadly had to as Mr Review Addict loves Milka.
Milka Lila Pause - Nougat-Creme
The bar has the same picture on it as the strawberry and yogurt one, a nice alpine scene. It contains soft nougat cream and crunchy crispies (yes yet ANOTHER bar with crispies!).
Milka Lila Pause - Nougat-Creme
As I expected the chocolate was delicious, the cream center is smooth and melts in the mouth beautifully. The crispies add that texture that I really enjoy, I will never get sick of the crispies! There is also hazelnut in this bar but it didn't seem as strong as in the strawberry and yogurt bar but nevertheless it was very tasty. I don't like to compare different brands of chocolate but I'm going to anyway; I thought that it tasted quite similar to Toblerone but less chewy.
Verdict I can't pick a favorite Lila Pause out of the 2 that I have tried so 4.5 stars for Nuogat-Creme too. If you are a fan of Milka or any other European chocolate or American sweets, be sure to check out the Monster Sweets website. They also have a Facebook Page and you can follow them on Twitter REVIEW! Milka Lila Pause - Nougat-CremeREVIEW! Milka Lila Pause - Nougat-CremeREVIEW! Milka Lila Pause - Nougat-CremeREVIEW! Milka Lila Pause - Nougat-CremeREVIEW! Milka Lila Pause - Nougat-Creme

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