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REVIEW! Oasis Mango Medley

Posted on the 23 March 2014 by Thereviewaddict @TheReviewAddict
Oasis Mango Medley
I love Oasis Citrus punch so when I spotted this Mango Medley version I snapped it up. It says "new" but it has actually been around since last year but the labels haven't caught up yet. It's described as a still mango and orange fruit juice drink with sugar and sweeteners and a 250ml serving contains 45 calories.
It had a bit of an odd smell to it but I don't particularly like the smell of mango if I'm honest, although I do really like the taste.
The thing with Oasis Citrus punch that I really like is that it tastes like a really strong squash. I have to confess that when I make squash from concentrate I do really load up, I can't bear it made weak. Mango Medley however was too strong and it really stuck the back of my throat. I didn't like the flavor either, it tasted artificial and more of orange with a funny after-taste rather than mango. I think I was expecting something a bit more like a tropical squash, or something like Rubicon without the fizz but I didn't like this at all.
VerdictI was really surprised not to like Oasis Mango Medley, I was hoping for a lovely refreshing summery drink but I just didn't enjoy it, I will stick to Citrus Punch in future!
REVIEW! Oasis Mango MedleyREVIEW! Oasis Mango MedleyREVIEW! Oasis Mango MedleyREVIEW! Oasis Mango MedleyREVIEW! Oasis Mango Medley

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