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#TBT - High School (Part 1)

Posted on the 10 April 2014 by Katherine Anne Cutar @katherineannika
Since it's Thursday, I have thought I could actually make a throwback post. The oldest ones I got are pictures from my high school days. Sorted only significant ones.#TBT - High School (Part 1)My bestfriend, Erika, and I on our very last day of school, in my place goofing around. Aaand my eyebrows were still so thick back then.#TBT - High School (Part 1)#TBT - High School (Part 1)Graduation pics back then! Oh my I looked horrible while my lovely bestie looked so adorable posing with the famous peace sign.#TBT - High School (Part 1)#TBT - High School (Part 1)Making one of our final projects. And please don't mind my face, just the cat.#TBT - High School (Part 1)#TBT - High School (Part 1)#TBT - High School (Part 1)#TBT - High School (Part 1)And our formal to wacky graduation pic poses! I miss these guys so much.
Spot me. :D
How nostalgic it is!
What are your throwback moments?
#TBT - High School (Part 1)

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