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The Greatest Pool Shark Who Ever Lived

Posted on the 18 February 2013 by Cantuccfd @cantuCCFD
The Greatest Pool Shark Who Ever Lived

I never get a case of the Mondays. It's one of the perks of working a 24/48 shift. Every third day when I work it's basically Friday cuz the next two days I'm off. Work/off/off, work/off/off. It's great having a 3 day week. Makes time go by ultra fast though. In the blink of an eye six months has passed. And I also never know what day of the week it is. This might also help explain my going out schedule. It's not my fault my weekend comes every three days.

The Greatest Pool Shark Who Ever Lived

Wednesday night (pictured above) in Hector's words:

The Greatest Pool Shark Who Ever Lived

And that was just the ending of the night. It started with Hooters for lunch, followed by Izzy's, then Fridays, then Molly's and all those pool sharking Matrix induced white russians mentioned above, then IHOP. Speaking of being a pool shark, Hector and I were talking about that at Molly's and it reminds me of something I used to think about. (Note to reader: you are about to enter the mind of Eric Cantu. There is a chance you will never be the same. You have been warned). What if, follow me on this, you were such a total bad ass pool shark that you never won. Like ever. You lose, lose, lose, and then riiiiiight when the big money is on the table and everyone expects you to release the shark and take the money, you lose again. And even then, when you go double or nothing and the really HUGE money is on the table and it is an absolute MUST WIN situation for you, and everyone and their mom just know you will definitely release the shark and annihilate this guy, you lose AGAIN. Cuz that's how bad ass a pool shark you are. You never, ever win. You take it to the grave. And on your tombstone it reads: "Here lies the greatest pool shark to ever walk the earth. 0 wins. 2459 losses." Epic. I want that kind of self control. To the grave, baby.

The Greatest Pool Shark Who Ever Lived

And then there was Saturday (pictured above). The epic Beerfest BBQ drinking game night at Bruce's.

7 layer dip, jalapeño cheese sausage, potatoes, bacon wrapped green beans, and STEAK #LifeIsGood #foodporn

— Eric Cantu (@cantuCCFD) February 17, 2013

I didn't even last 20 minutes in the Beerfest drinking game. 1 swig for this, 4 swigs for that, and there were literally like no breaks. Audie was holder of the rules and was shouting out the number of swigs to take as things happened in the movie. "One!.. One!..Three! Four! One!.. Six!" Good god the humanity. Great night though. And you can definitely hear the enjoyment in my laugh below.

20 Seconds from Eric Cantu on Vimeo.

I was 3/4 of the way to 7s when I got the phone call this morning to come out here to 15s. Monday on the island. Another day in paradise. Here's hoping to a good shift.

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